Friday, May 30, 2008

Build-a-Bear Birthday

Myla's 2nd birthday isn't until June, but since there will be a lot going on then we wanted to celebrate her birthday a little early. We went to Build-a-Bear. We took Cade there on his second birthday too, so I suppose it's becoming a family tradition. We had a lot of fun!

Myla chose a white and pink bear and loved it right away.
After the bear was stuffed, (complete with a heart kissed by Myla) Daddy, Cade and Myla gave the bears a bath.
Then we picked out a cute dress to put on the bear.
Daddy and Myla registered the bear and got it's birth certificate. What did we name her? Zoey. Myla says her name so cute. "Ozey."
Zoey got her own little house and Myla was able to carry her home. Myla loves her already and is asleep in her crib with her arm around Zoey. Happy early Birthday baby girl!!


Jill Manning

What a great tradition...I can't wait to do this with Elsie, I may have to one before she comes just for the fun of it! Happy Birthday Myla!

The Blakes

Very fun! I think every kid needs a trip to Build a Bear. Happy day to Myla!

Haws Family

Awe- she's SO cute! I remembered after we left the park that I didn't get to see her doll- I'm glad you blogged it! I'm sure she'll have it with her Wed... ooh baby due date is coming so fast! Yeah!
Happy Birthday adorable Myla!

The Weights

She is so adorable!! That is a fun tradition! Good luck with all of the upcoming excitement!! I will be excited to hear what you have!!

Jennifer Flake

Myla is SO cute!
What a fun tradition for your kids!