Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Haps

This past week has been a lot of fun, so instead of updating you on the happenings of New Kids on the Block and American Idol and the Twilight movie (so important, I know) here is an update on the McMillan family...much more important. :)

It's swimming suit weather! Yea! We went to Aunt Nicki's house to play on the trampoline in the water. The kids loved it. It was hard to get them off!

I love swimming suit means I get to pinch those chubby legs! More than I usually do. :)

Cade had an especially good time playing with the sprinkler.

Connor wasn't into the water play so much...but he enjoyed jumping on the dry trampoline and playing with his turtles.

Here is a picture of them all together. See how big Baby Rachel is getting (on the right end)?! She's always smiling and is so good natured. She adorable. Jared was so sweet to hold her up so she didn't fall over.
We don't abide by child labor laws in the McMillan household.
Just kidding. Myla was super interested in Dad doing the dishes, so he let her stand on the stool to check it out and try a few herself. She was very enthusiastic. We'll see if she feels the same way in 10 years or so.
Cade gave his very first talk in Primary today! It was on following the prophet. We practiced all week long and he did a fantastic job! I was a little worried that he wouldn't want to say it in front of everyone, but he did...and he was wonderful. Kevin and I had a few tears in our eyes by the time he was done. It was a sweet moment.And last, but certainly not least, my sweet husband has been so wonderful. This week has been a tough one physically for me and Kevin has really taken on a lot more work to pick up my slack. Does he complain? Not one bit.
This is Kevin blowing up our air matress for me. It helps my back out a lot to sleep on the air matress and since we didn't have the right attachment to blow it up, Kevin had to use a ball pump. It took about 45 minutes. He is the sweetest guy! I am sure lucky to have him.


Julia M.

I love those pictures! I'm glad it's swimsuit weather down there. Your children are so darling. Just reading about Cade's talk gave me tears in my eyes. You two are such proud parents. Kevin's an awesome husband. I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well!

The McMillans

My heart feels all warm right now. I wish I could come and enjoy your kids, and maybe bring you dinner or something. What a great time of year for you all, now, I will pinch Myla's legs as well. :)

The Weights

I cannot believe that Cade is old enough to give a talk!! What a handsome little man! The play on the trampoline looks fun!! Bring on the water!! "It's getting hot in here!"
Take care of yourself! Looks like Kevin is taking good care of you!

The McMillans

Oh, and I love that you called it "the haps" you are so funny.

The Blakes

I just love your cute family. Sometimes I think to myself, "I want to be as cute of a mom as Christie." Hope you're feeling better.

Pen Drive

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Haws Family

Awe you captured such cute pictures! I LOVE the one of all the kids on the couch! What is Kevin doing blowing that mattress up the hard way! I'd be more then happy to bring you our electric air pump. Call me next time and I'll drop it off! I'm glad you found a way to sleep that's comfy!


Yeah. I have no hope to "be a cute mom like Christie" I just tell myself to not yell as much - like Christie.

Jay and Kerry

Love the pictures. Jay said he'd have taken that 45 minutes and spent two hours trying to buy the right attachment...oh well. Such is life.