Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Where'd They Go?

Really, who needs to see their feet?
This is my tummy at 30 weeks. Only 9 weeks to go!! (I have c-sections and they happen at 39 weeks.) Everything is going well. I had an ultrasound last week and saw Baby sucking it's thumb. Nope, we still don't know the gender...kinda exciting that way, dontcha think?



I can't believe you are already 30 weeks. 9 weeks left is nothing. It seems like your pregnancy went by so fast. I can't wait to find out the gender. I'm voting a girl. Myla needs a sister. What names do you have picked out?

Jay and Kerry

Awww! I love baby bumps! So cute! I am so excited for you! You're in the home stretch now! YAY!!!


Yay only 9 more weeks. So you maybe got another thumb sucker. : ) too cute. Can't wait to see him or her. Totally exciting!!

Julia M.

Yay! What a fabulous picture. I love it. I'm so excited to find out about this new baby. You are a brave woman!

The McMillans

9 weeks! Nuts, that means I've got to decide what I think you are having...Ryan is sure it's a boy. I have no idea. This will be so exciting, I will wait patiently. Yes I will.

Jill Manning

Wow, 9 weeks! I can't wait to hear what the sex of the baby is. And I'm sure the feet are still there, they just need some privacy while they get big and swollen! Good luck with this last little bit, you have been a trooper!

The Weights

I am so excited to see what this little surprise will be! I am impressed that you did not find out! As long as the feet are working and get you where you need to go, I guess it doesn't really matter if you can see them! Take care! You're almost there!

Haws Family

LOL- that's so funny! I can't believe you only have 2 months left, how wonderful for you!

The Blakes

He/She'll be here before you know it!