Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Webb Campout 2008

This past weekend my family got together for the first Webb campout (that involved my aunts and uncles and cousins). It was so much fun. My Uncle David owns some property outside of Globe that has an orchard of fruit trees. This is where we camped. It was awesome. The weather was wonderful and the company even better. So, what did we do?

We visited. (My dad, my mom, Uncle David, Aunt Linda)
We played a few intense games of Connect Four. (Cade, Connor, Jared Jr.)We got pulled around in the wagon by fun Grandma Webb. (Grandma Webb, Myla, Jared Jr. and everyone else watching)
We visited some more. (Jamie, Dad, Uncle Bert, Dawn, Bradley, Aunt Colleen, Jared, Nicki, Rachel)
We slept (or tried to). Kevin and Myla cuddled up to keep warm. She wandered around the tent for about 15 minutes before settling down. Cade, on the other hand, was out like a light. Then decided to wake up every 30 minutes or so throughout the night. It was fun.
Play in the wagon. This was a popular activity among the toddlers. (Cade, Myla, Connor and Jared Jr.)
Rode the quads....a very popular activity among everyone else. (Emma and Richard)
Rode the quads some more. (James and Bradley)
Played with the doggies. (Myla and Cowboy)
Again, rode the quads. (Emma, Jacob, Breck)
Played with the wagon some more. (Cade) And slept. This is Myla about 20 seconds after we were on the road heading home. It was a fun, exhausting trip. We can't wait until next year!


Jay and Kerry

How fun! We wish it was warm enough here to go camping! That's our big goal this summer is to go camping a lot!! I love family get togethers!


That's funny I got one of Emma passed out in car after we left. That was an exhausting trip for those kids. And of course for the moms that didn't sleep at all. : )
Fun Trip though and can't wait to do it again next year.

Choate Family

How fun! But oh my heck, your brothers are looking SO GROWN UP!!

Julia M.

What a fun tradition to start! That would be exhausting, too, though. :) I'm glad you had fun.

The McMillans

What fun for you. 7 months pregnant, camping and non sleeping children? Wow, I bet that was the best nights sleep you ever had.

Ah, the things we do for fun...and how we must catch up the following week.

Haws Family

All my kids were passed out before we even got off Uncle David's property too- it was exhausting for all of us! You got some really fun pictures, we'll definitely have to do some trading!


I'm glad you had a great time - but more glad that you are back. What will I ever do if you move? pathetic pathertic pathetic.