Friday, April 11, 2008

Was Anyone Really Surprised?

I have been addicted to American Idol this season. It's a love/hate relationship with me and AI. This season I love it. Maybe it's because when 7:00pm rolls around all I can do is lay like a beached whale on the couch and watch TV and AI is the only things on these days? I don't know. Anyway, last night another contestant was eliminated and everyone looked so shocked that it was Michael Johns. Paula looked like she was going to faint. Really? Why was everyone so surprised? Yeah, he's cute. Yeah, he's got a hot Australian accent...but when he sings I feel stressed. I have never enjoyed his performances because I feel so stressed for him. I feel like he has to try so hard. Now I'm no expert, but I kind of figure that if a performer stresses out his audience, well...that doesn't quite work out for anyone, does it?


The McMillans

That's hilarious. I am usually always stressed out watching American Idol in general, so I am not one to gauge it.

Jay and Kerry

I agree completely! He sucks! He is hot though! :)

Ron & Lynn McMillan

Sorry- the new work schedule precludes viewing AI....but dang, I sure hope that Utah boy wins! I sure miss you guys and wish you were closer. Can't wait to see that new baby!!!


I could not agree with you more. I was not surprised he got the boot. I was surprised Syesha was in the botom 3. I think she is awesome. Sorry I could go on and on about that show. The only show I'm addicted to. My vote is still with little Utah.

The Earls

Dan and I actually liked Michael Johns, but then at this point, we kind of like all of them. We can see David Archuleta as the overall winner though. He's a cute kid with a great voice.


I was surprised but not shocked because I never connected with him. But, I do think Christy Cook should've gone b4 him. I thought Ryan was cruel....I really thought they weren't going to kick anyone off again!!!

the Picketts

we totally AGREE! he has always bugged Danny, and i just thought he was cute, and had maybe 1 good performance, but thats all!