Wednesday, September 12, 2007

What We've Been Up To

Cade has been enjoying school. He loves to get his backpack on and go see Ms. Maren and James. Today they made American flags and talked about America in honor of 9/11. Cade was very proud of his flag.

Myla has been...well...being Myla. She has the cutest smile, which usually makes up for the little attitude she's been giving us lately. But even with the attitude she is so sweet and loves to cuddle and give lovies. This week she said her first word...ball. She is growing and learning so fast we can hardly keep up with her. It's so fun to watch.

I, as you can see, am continuing with digital scrapbooking. I've spent so much time the past several weeks looking for scrapbooking ideas and tutorials and supplies. I am finally getting to work and creating things. It's so much fun!



I was wondering what you were up to. Love those cute pages. I am still learning all that digital stuff. Cade looks all grown up, and Myla is such a cutie.

Jay and Kerry

How fun! You are so talented! I need to take lessons from you! Too bad we are so far away! Ok, I have a plan...every month, we'll meet in Utah and have a scrapbooking lesson! Yay! That will be so fun! Ha ha! I know, be realistic! It's fun to dream, though!

The AZ McMillans

Kerry that's a great plan! Someday Kevin and I plan on buying a plane and have a pilot on staff so we can fly wherever, whenever. But I'm thinking that will have to wait until we win the lottery, or a super-rich relative we didn't know we had dies and leaves us his fortune. But since that hasn't happened yet I guess email will just have to do. Hee hee.

Jay and Kerry

Ha ha! That would be fun! Yay! Parties! Oh, and if one of your rich relatives you didn't know dies, more than likely it'll be our rich relative we don't know and we'll both be rich! Yay!


That head scarf thingy looks so darling on Princess Lala. I love it. When Paige was a baby we called her Princess Pei Pei - she will still answer to it. I love the attitude... I wonder where she could possibly get it from?

The McMillans

Um, I have so many thoughts I will try to not ramble and not make any sense. My first thought, how amazing that she is now sad for me that I can't see, or hear all of these wonderful things happening. I wish Aiden and Cade could play Thomas together, I wish they could play more often and get to know each other. I wish I could borrow Myla's shoe's. I am also relieved to hear that she has a little bit of an attitude...not because I am malicious, but because I adore children, and adore children who know who they are, and are not persuaded to be anything but themselves. My student's that have a little bit of an attitude make great human beings. And like I have always said, if I were to have a daughter, in this generation, I would want her to stand proud in her Mary Jane's.

(sorry for the length)

The AZ McMillans

Aubs, I wish all those same things for our kids too. I would not change Myla one single bit --attitude and all. I appreciate her stubborness and confidence. I know that they will be very useful character traits in the years to come.

I wish I could borrow most of Myla's clothes. Why don't they make cute clothes like that for women? And the shoes? Awesome. Thanks Kerry for those!

I usually don't comment on my own blog, but here I go doing it twice in one post!

Jay and Kerry

Ha ha! Those shoes are so cute! Lynn and I picked out those clothes we gave you together! I just wanted to buy one of everything in the store for you! It was so funny! People in the store probably thought we were nuts! We kept Ooooing and Awwwwing at everything! Ha ha!

Haws Family

Christie I love your scrap pages! They look adorable. Cade's art project looks amazing... he just might be the one to make you rich :-)

Jill Manning

You are so talented with your scrap booking skills, you did a great ojb with these pages! I have to say that I absolutely love the argyle paper, it is almost as precious as Lil Myla...and I stress "almost!"

The Blakes

I love the pages you put together! Your talent never ceases!

the Picketts

those pages are so adorable, and her shoes are so cute too! i wish i had your creativity!