Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Cade's First Day!

Cade started preschool today!! I think I was more excited than he was. It's so fun to watch my kids grow up and do new things. He only goes two days a week for two hours, so it's not overwhelming, but it's good experience for him. He had a really good time singing, reading a book, coloring, doing show and tell with his trains...he even got a sucker for being good!

Handsome boy
Showing off his Thomas backpack (which he won't take off!)
On his way to preschool
With his awesome teacher Ms. Maren
All tuckered out from his first day.


The Blakes

Yeah for preschool! I'm sure he was so excited to be a big boy and go to school! He looks so cute!

I sure hope Ms. Maren is still around when Ty is old enough for preschool. (Although I'll have to fund the snacks for sure.)

Jill Manning

Oh my goodness, how fun that he gets to start preschool and gets to have Ms. Maren as his teacher...what a lucky kid! He looks so stinkin cute in his Thomas back pack! I would love to have a kid with as cute as a voice as his in my class...that is if I was a teacher of course!

Haws Family

Awe~ how fun! It's amazing how fast time has gone, isn't it? He looked all grown up in his backpack.

Blinzinger Family

YEAH for Cade and preschool. He looks so cute. I love the all tuckered out pic. So fun!! Hope Myla isn't too lonesome without him there on his preschool days.


Oh look at Cade all grown up. Love the thomas backpack, have you got that off him yet? I bet he could just sleep, eat, and play with that bag forever.

The McMillans

Cade, when Ms. Maren isn't looking steel all her cute fabric...I mean, what a great boy you are and so prepared for school! I am so proud of my sweet little nephew in Arizona! And Christie I am so glad you shared this with everyone, time really does fly.

Jay and Kerry

How fun! School is so fun. My niece started kindergarten last week! It's so fun to see all my nieces and nephews going to school! Good luck!

the Picketts

what a cutie!!

Choate Family

Yea for preschool! Brigham starts preschool on Tuesday and I'm so excited! He just had to have a Spiderman backpack and I can't wait to see him all dressed up wearing his backpack. Can you believe our boys are in preschool?!?!


Aubrey kills me. If she only knew the restraint I've had to use these last few weeks while funds have been tight. When she plans her next trip to AZ (maybe in Novemeber, would be nice - it is Tie one on Apron Day or whatever) We will have to have a Girls Night Out & Sewing Night and splurge at the one and only Zoe's. Oh, yeah and Cade was a dream in class. Such a sweetie pie, and was only in one fight where a little boy tried to get him to hang up his backpack. I will have to email Chrisite my pics so she can post them. It was too funny to not stop class and take a few pictures.