Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Welcome Fall!

All you Arizonans...have you felt it? Do you feel the change? Fall is here...this week anyway. The mornings are cooler and I am able to take the kids outside in the morning and not melt. The smell of the air is different, people are getting allergies, and halloween stuff is going up! In honor of fall I changed my header to a Halloweeny them.


The Blakes

Love the new look! And I definitely love the cool(ish) breeze I've felt the last few evenings. Summer is finally ending - hurray!

Jay and Kerry

Fun! There you go changing your banner again! It's ok! I like it! Ha ha! Cute!

The McMillans

I LOVE IT! I adore the colors and totally hear you about getting the kids outside without the presence of heat. I celebrate falls arrival with you.

Jill Manning

I have felt it, the cool breeze in the morning, enjoying evening walks, the allergies...everything and I love it! Summer is gone and fall is here, which means Halloween is just around the corner...oh the possibilites for a Halloween costume is upon us, I need to start brainstorming, this is my favorite holiday!

the Picketts

love the new header, i need to learn your creative ways...


Love your fall look, and yes this Arizonan loves and appreciates this change of weather.


Totally feel it, today we went to the park and it was so nice to get out of the house and enjoy the nice weather. Love the fall look!

Ron & Lynn McMillan

I can see who stood in the "creativity line" in heaven! Since you like October so much (is that because you were born in it???) Can your in-laws come visit...or will that just kill off the month for you?

Choate Family

Love your header. Hey, what digital scrapbooking program do you use? I'm hoping to get one for my birthday. I have a friend who uses Scrapbook Factory Deluxe which looks nice but just wanted to find out what else is out there that is good to use. Thanks!

Ron & Lynn McMillan

Wheres my pretty fall banner ? I can barely post a picture let alone make a pretty new banner !