Sunday, September 23, 2007

Webb Dinner Documented by Kids

Every month the Webb side of the family gets together at my parents for Sunday dinner. I took a bunch of pictures, but then Cade, Emma and Jared got ahold of the camera and took some pictures too. I have decided that people are a lot more fun when a kid is behind the camera...
Aunt Nicki, telling a story. (Little bun in the oven - Rachel.)
Emma took like 10 pics of herself. She did a great job! I think she is a budding photographer.
Little Jared took this pic of Papa. He kept putting his fingers over the flash giving it a nice artistic shadow. :)
I think Cade took this pic of his Uncles James and Jared. Not bad!
Cade took this one of Breck and Uncle Kevin being silly!
Emma took this great picture of my mom. Awesome!
Emma took this funny picture of Bradley.
Dawn and Miss Myla looking cool in her shades.
Emma took this one of silly Aunt Christie.


The McMillans

Such a cute family you have, nikki looks great, and your dad is so cute. Children really do capture great moments. And how nice it is to see your bright smile.


Those kiddos sure had fun with that camera. Love all the fun photos they captured. Sorry about the 10 or more pics of Emma she is a little obsessed : ) I love second Sunday, it is so fun to see all the kids together having fun.

Julia M.

What fun pictures! Thanks for commenting on our blog--we will be sure to check yours to see how big your kids are getting and how cute each of you are!

Haws Family

That's funny! They really did have fun with the camera. I wondered what you ended up with- although I'm sure you have 30 more!

The Earls

That looks like you had fun, the kids especially.
Ok Christie, I need help. I've tried to figure out how to make free cute templates/blog headlines like yours, Nicki's, and Jaime's but can't figure it out. I feel really dumb. Can you help me? How do you do yours? Maybe email it to me if it's a process. Thanks!

Dawn Norris

Sunday night was fun spending time with all of the Webb clan. All of the kids are so cute! I can't wait to see what Myla does at church next Sunday...Miss Pretzel Flinger! That was hilarious!

The Earls

I found how to do templates, but I'd still like to find out how you do your family title. They are just so cute.

Jay and Kerry

How fun! I love pictures! Yay! Looks like you all had fun!


You are amazing! You are such a fun mom and so creative with everything you do. I need to start digi scrapbooking. Any Ideas where to start? I noticed you helped Jamie get started! You're a great sis in law!


Also. . . do you print your pages? If so, where do you get it done? I've never heard of anyone printing 10 x 10.