Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Blast These Hiccups

I have had the hiccups since I woke up this morning (it is now amost 12:30am). While Cade and Myla burst into giggles every time I hiccup, I am not finding it so funny. I am prone to hiccups and have received several bits of advice on how to get rid of them. Let me share them with you. Perhaps they will work better for you than they have for me.

  1. Swallow a tablespoon of sugar.
  2. Get a glass of water, put a silver butter knife in it and drink it upside down. (If any of you can actually pull this off I'd pay money to see it.)
  3. Drink lemon juice by the glass.
  4. Ask someone to scare you. (Not likely going to happen since I asked him to scare me, therefore I am expecting it.)
  5. Hold your breath and jump up and down.
  6. Drink lots of water.

None of these have worked for me, so I googled "cures for hiccups." The results gave me quite a chuckle. Here are the ones I found most funny or unusual.

* Jump out of a plane.

* Think of all the bald men you can.
* Tell yourself "I'm not going to hiccup again."
* Don't do anything; just wait for the next hiccup.
* Close your eyes and visualize a neon sign, like a movie marquee; see the word "THINK" blinking on and off; concentrate on the sign and make the word blink as fast as possible.
Imagine a neon blue color, coming from between your eyes, (also known as the third or psychic eye) and directing it down the centre of your chest to the xiphisternum and then washing calmly across the diaphragm, from one side to the next and back continuously.

* Fart.
* Burp.
* Don't swallow.
* Say "pineapple."
* Count to twenty with your fingers in your ears.
* Urinate; concentrate on both peeing and breathing.
* Gently rub your ear lobe until the hiccups are gone.
* Rub the back of your tongue to stimulate the gag reflex.
* Try to say "now!" out loud just before your next hiccup.
* Hold your tongue with your thumb and index finger and gently pull it forward.
* With one hand, apply pressure to the gums above your front teeth and to a point just below your nose.
* Take a finger full of hair from the crown of your head and as hard as you can stand (though not hard enough to pull the hair out) for 10 seconds. * Breathe slowly into your shirt.
* Read about hiccups online.
* Immerse your face in ice water.
* Balance something on your nose.

There you have it. If you ever get the hiccups you are armed with a variety of remedies for them! If my hiccups aren't gone tomorrow I may try jumping out of a plane, or saying pineapple over and over again.


Jay and Kerry

Ha ha! I rarely get the hiccups but when I do they don't go away! Ha ha. Oh well! Thanks for the tips...I'll have to try them all!

The McMillans

Do you remember hiccup boy? He was Ryan's roommate who had hiccups for 2 years, and made national attention. He was on letterman, and all kinds of talk shows. I felt so bad for him. Anyway, he tried all of those remedies, and none of them worked. He had a six pack after having them so long, and eventually had to be put on anti psychotics!

Jill Manning

You poor thing, hiccups for a whole day is enough to make anyone go a little batty! I hope they went away before you woke up this morning!

Blinzinger Family

Hiccups drive me nuts! I hope yours go away soon!! Keep us posted (and thanks for listing all the tips to get rid of them!

The Earls

You've got Magnusson blood! Remember, Grandpa had them for years and the doctors couldn't help either. Hopefully yours have gone now.

Haws Family

That's too funny Chris! Well since I just talked to you at 2 I'm guessing they are gone... good thing since I don't think Kev will let you jump out of a plane!

The Blakes

I've always been told to think of a white horse. It's nearly 5pm, so I hope they've gone away by now, but if not...white horse, white horse, white horse, white horse, white horse.....