Saturday, September 29, 2007

Cade's Birthday Party

Today we had Cade's birthday party at McCormick-Stillman Railroad park. We had a blast! The kids loved the train and playing on the playground and going on the carousel. Cade's cousins Breck, Emma, Bradley, Jared and Connor were there as well as his friends James and Jace. He was so excited to get his birthday gifts - lots of Thomas stuff and a noise-making airplane! He is in Thomas heaven. Here are some pics.Cade telling us he is three...notice his fingers.

Stacey, Jace and Cade
Jared Con-Con

Bradley, James and Myla

Best buds Cade and James
Emma, Cade and Breck waiting for the train. They were so patient!
Paige, Breck and Emma in their Mr. Conductor hats!
Waiting for the carousel.
Thanks all of Cade's cousins and friends (and parents) for coming to his party! We had a blast!



You got some really cute shots of the kids. I'm so glad you invited us. Next time, I say we pose as employees for one the many business with huge blow up toys & only adults with no children that work for them. Yeah. We could call ourselves "tech support" & the kids can go at those huge monstrocities and have a blast until we get kicked out.

Jay and Kerry

Awww! How cute! That looks like fun! Don't you miss all of those fun times as kids?

The McMillans

That is so sweet, I miss not being to be a part of this. I hope Cade enjoys Aiden's gift to him...I think he had fun making it. It so great of you to share all of this with us.


that was a blast! Thanks for throwing such a fun party and inviting us. Cade is such a great kid! He was so sweet w/ Jace. I love how much he loves trains! I'm sure he'll talk about it for weeks to come.

Haws Family

That was a great idea for a party Christie- all the kids had so much fun. Thanks for the rides and take home bags, my boys played with that stuff for days! Everything is train this and train that for Connor now... Luckily Jared is still a Ninja Turtle so there isn't much fighting over toys :-)


Happy birthday Cade. Thanks for such a fun time at the Train Park. Enjoy all those toys : )