Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Road Trip to Utah

Driving to visit Kevin's family in Utah is something we both look forward to and dread. We can't wait to see our family and are so excited to get there, but the trek can be, well, dreadful. This time we decided to split the trip up into two days, and it proved to be so much easier on us and the kids. It was really fun!

Right now, Cade is really into trains and he loves to look at books. We went to the library and checked out choo choo train books and he spent hours looking at them on the road. That is one way in which he takes after me!

Myla was sweet as could be. She didn't fuss too much and always responded with smiles and laughter when Kevin or I went in the back and played with her. I have to say, we LOVE the mini van. We've done the trip in an SUV and a car, and it is so much better in a mini van. So say what you want about how lame our mini van is, we love her! (We named her Miss Frizzle.)

I drove most of the first day, thanks to some allergy medication Kevin took. But the second day and on the way back Kevin drove most of the way. I think he was feeling a bit guilty.

Nice self portrait of me in the passenger seat.

Only a couple of hours away from Salt Lake!


The Choate Family

Hey, there is NOTHING wrong with mini vans! We are saving right now to buy one. I LOVE MINI VANS. What kind did you buy? You'll have to fill me in on that info. Hope you had a great Easter and a fun trip.

The McMillans

I too envy those who drive a mini wheel base van. I envy the space, the comfort, but mostly the bumper stickers that most mini vans have. Just today I saw one that said..."happy baby on board" Isn't that just awesome!