Monday, April 23, 2007

My 29 1/2 Birthday

I noticed today that it is my 29 1/2 birthday. I've never really thought about half birthdays, but this one seems to be a little more significant because the big 3-0 is looming. I am beginning the final descent out of my 20's. For the past couple of years on my birthday my brother has been teasing me about turning 30. He'd make a couple of "old lady" jokes, and I'd punch him in the arm, he'd laugh and say I punch like an old lady, I'd punch him even harder --you know, brother/sister stuff that you always do no matter how old you get or how many children you have (for whom you should be setting a good "keep you hands to yourself" example). Anyway...I have been thinking about my life and all the things I have wanted to do and how many I have actually done. My life has been wonderful up to this point. Few regrets, lots of good memories. But I know there is so much more I can do, so much more I WANT to do. So in honor of turning 30 this year, I am making a list of 30 things I want to do to better myself. I don't necessarily have a time frame for these goals. Some I want to accomplish before I'm 30. Some are works in progress. Some are one-timers that may have to happen later in life. I'll keep adding to my list. Just like life, this list is subject to constant revisions.

1. take photography classes
2. go on vacation to a incredible place I've never been
3. learn how to sew/crochet/knit
4. watch no TV for one month...and then see if I can go two
5. become a foster parent
6. write more love letters
7. plant a garden...and keep it alive!
8. take dancing lessons with Kevin
9. write a book
10. go snow skiing again - it's been 10 years!!
11. overcome my bad habits
12. make a real difference in the life of another person
13. develop good spiritual habits
14. get rid of "stuff" and keep what matters - "dejunkify"
15. get a Master's degree in counseling
16. look good naked
17. go to an opera
18. cook something new every week
19. expand my taste in music
20. be forgiving and non-judgemental
21. create new traditions in our family
22. start playing my violin again
23. discover new passions
24. have an organized room totally devoted to creating (like a craft room)
25. get on the floor and play with my kids every single day
26. create a home where everybody feels welcome
27. learn from more experienced people
28. learn more yoga and do it consistently
29. take voice lessons
30. make each day better than the last


The Blakes

I LOVE your list and want to accomplish at least half of those things myself! I know how you feel about getting older. I turn 29 this summer and I'm a little apprehensive about letting go of my 20's. If you need a friend to help you cross things off your list, let me know.

And I'll gladly accept Kevin's help AFTER finals and family time. Finals are looming at our house too. It's my most unfavorite time of the school year!


I also love your list and wish to do many as well. If you're looking for someone to teach you how to sew or crochet, give me a call. I'd love to help out unless you had someone else in mind.


O my gosh!! I 'm so glad you found us. Your blog is too cute. Give Kevin props on the colors and polka dots. Darling!! Myla is perfect. her eyes are so extremely blue. And yes she looks just like you. I watched the video at the bottom and almost started crying (and no I'm not pregnant). So cute!! We miss you guys as neighbors. How are your new ones? Happy half B-day and I love #16. Keep in touch. I'll be checking back in with you. Meggan