Wednesday, April 11, 2007

McMillan Madness

Life is never dull when we go see the McMillans. We have such a good time that we have a hard time leaving. We really appreciate all the effort the Utah McMillans put into showing us a good time and making us feel comfortable. We know we are a lot of work! :)

Uncle Paul is one of Cade's favorite people. He really gets down and plays with the kids. It's really fun to watch. Cade calls him Poll. It's cute.

Is Ryan lifting a camper all by himself?? Wow!

Cade and Aiden are partners in crime. They get along so well. Cade can't quite say Aiden, so he calls him Annie. It's really cute to watch them play together. They love playing with cars! They had fun finding eggs together.

Grandma, Wendy, and Ryan
Grandma set up Grandma's Easter Fun House. We got to color eggs, decorate cookies, find eggs, eat dinner, feed the "goggies," watch movies...anything we wanted. It was tons of fun.
Doesn't Wendy look hot in the cowgirl hat?

One of the most exciting parts of the trip was meeting Baby Oliver. He is so sweet and little! He is such a cutie-face. This is Aubrey's "I'm a serene mom" face.

Grandpa and Myla got to hang out a lot. We got to stay with Kevin's Dad and Lynn. We had a lot of fun. One benefit to having so many parents and grandparents is that there are more people to love, and more people to love us. We are sure blessed!

Hey, you've got to have one "I'm taking a picture of you taking a picture of me" picture. Lynn and Hailey stepped up for this one!


The McMillans

Two words..Action Paction. That is what we McMillans out here in Utah bring to any get-together. And yes, I have moments of being a serene mother. They come and go quickly however, because my wonderful two year old is too fast for the most avid of runners. My sereness is followed by pandemonium, I am in constant fear of what my little acrobat will find to jump off of next. As my sister said: "Aiden will be your emergency room child." And that is not so serene.