Monday, April 16, 2007

Loving Cade & Myla --So Easy to Do!

I was tagged to write six things I love about my significant other. Since I just told you 11 things I love about Kevin last month, I thought I'd do Cade and Myla instead. I hope thats okay Jill! :)Cade:
1. Cade has the most amazing smile. It brightens up the whole room. Kevin and I will do almost anything to see Cade smile. Lucky for us, he doesn't keep his smiles to himself.

2. Cade is such a polite boy. He always says "thank you" when he receives something or gets to do something (even if I let him flush the toilet!) He always says "thank you" like he's just been given the most wonderful thing in the world. It makes me want to give him the world.

3. Cade is such a good big brother. He gives Myla hugs and kissies and will even fall down to make her laugh. When she cries he brings her a blanket or a toy. He just recently started calling her Lala. That is an improvement because before he'd only call her Baby.

4. Cade is a look-before-you-leaper. Whenever we go somewhere new or get something new Cade will stand on the sidelines and watch for a while before he participates. He is very cautious and needs to be comfortable with the activity first. I'm sure this is something I will continue to appreciate as he becomes a teenager!

5. Cade LOVES trains. He loves, loves, loves them. Sometimes its all he'll talk about. When we go to the library he can always find the train books. He can hear the train that runs near Main from our house. It's amazing to me. When he hears the "choo choo" he'll stop what he's doing and shout, "Choo choo train, Mommy!" It's quite adorable.

6. Cade loves to love. Sometimes he will bring me to tears when he'll run up to me out of the blue, give me a kiss, and then run back to whatever he is doing. He is very affectionate and loving.

1. Myla has the brightest, bluest, most inquisitive eyes. She has a way of studying you as if she's trying to figure you out just by looking at you. Then, a moment later, those same eyes can become friendly and flirty. Yes, I am a little worried about this feature when she hits the teenage years. :)

2. Myla's laugh is adorable. I remember the first time she laughed. I was sitting on the floor with her, with my legs extended. Cade was running by and tripped on my leg and fell down. Myla busted out with this giggle that wouldn't stop. So Cade kept tripping and falling just to hear her laugh.

3. Myla loves to cuddle. She loves physical contact. Even if I'm just holding her while walking around she'll put her cheek to my cheek and rest there -- or she'll rest her head on my chest when we are sitting. It is the best feeling in the world to cuddle my baby.

4. Myla can get around!! She isn't crawling yet, but this girl can move. She rolls, she scoots, she moves her bum, then swings her legs around. She's got it figured out. When she see something she wants, she gets it!

5. Myla loves her Daddy. She is such a Daddy's girl. If Daddy dares to come in the door and kiss Mommy first, she throws a little fit. She's happy if she's in Daddy's arms. It's very sweet.

6. Her chubs. I LOVE Myla's chubby arms, legs, and cheeks. I love to pinch them, squeeze them, nuzzle them. She's just so squishy and I love it!

Tag, you're it!! What are six things you love about your significant other or another loved one?


Jill Manning

Hey Christie. I love your 6 things..that was fun to read. I was wondering if you had to do something special to post your video, my blog won't let me post it and I can't figure out why. Thanks for the idea of the video, I loved it!

The McMillans

I love Cade's Laugh, when I think about it I chuckle myself...As for Myla, well, she's just adorable, and I laugh her little grunt when she wants attention..that makes me giggle too.