Thursday, October 1, 2009

Day 1 - Glitter Pumpkins

October has arrived and with it begins our 2009 edition of 31 Days of October! I was really excited to try this with the kids. I know, usually glue, glitter and pre-schoolers do not equate a good time. But I thought they would really enjoy this. And they did! I've seen these glittery pumpkins around, but officially got the instructions from Martha Stewart.

To start off with, gather some glue, glitter, paint brushes, small pumpkins, newspaper, a couple of cute little kids and put the baby down for a nap. (Not like that mattered here, because, as fate (or motherhood) would have it, 15 minutes into the project Gavin started screaming in his crib. I ran in and he had thrown up everywhere. Poor baby! So I had two preschoolers alone with glitter and glue and a crying baby with throw up everywhere. What to do? Thankfully, Kevin came home from school early. He took care of the pukey baby while I finished the pumpkins with Cade and Myla. Life is never boring!) Moving on... Next, paint a small section of the pumpkin with glue, then sprinkle some glitter over the section. " 'Prinkling" was their favorite part of the craft (I love Myla's little lisp).

Keep going until you have the whole pumpkin covered with glitter. Cade ended up running out of blue glitter, and if I was going for mom-of-the-year I probably would have scooped it all up off the newspaper and put it back in the sprinkling container. But I'm not, so I offered another color, which was even better in his book.

And wahlah! The final products. Cade has a nice dinosaur/Thomas inspired green and blue pumpkin and Myla went with the red. I chose gold. I looked for some orange glitter, but couldn't find any that didn't cost an arm and a leg. I like these colors though. They show the kids' personalities. What a fun craft!

On the schedule tomorrow are gluey ghosts. It's a good thing I picked up a few of the $0.25 bottles of glue when school started. We're gonna need it!
FYI - I found this ghost template online that I'm going to print out and put under the wax paper for the ghosts, to give them a template to glue on.



You are a brave, brave woman!


My daughter would love this. We are going to try this out. You have such fun ideas.

The MacMizzles

We are totally doing this at our house! Tonight in fact! Thank you for all the great ideas. You are such a great mom.


You ROCK! I wish that I had the energy that you have. We did do these cute pumpkins though! And I got real adventurous and made marshmallow fondant and pumpkin cookies that we all decorated. My back was killing me, but the kids loved it. I am totally going to steal some of your ideas when my little rugrats get too fidgety waiting for Halloween. Thanks!


we did the gluey ghosts and it was so fun to see how they turned out! Jace loved being able to squeeze glue everywhere. perhaps a template would be better :)