Monday, October 5, 2009

Day 5 - Caramel Apple Monsters

Today we made caramel apple monsters. It was so much fun! Kevin got off of school early today and was here to do this with us. Even Gavin got in on the action.
Here are the apples, already "carameled" and the candy patiently waiting to be turned into monsters.
There goes Cade! He really got into it.
Kevin, Myla and Cade going to town. Cade's finished product.
Gavin enjoying the stickiness. I put candy on his tray and he knew right where to put it. Child genius. :)

My finished product. Like the sprinkle hair?

A most attractive picture of Myla. Nothing says glamour like a mouth full of candy corns.

Kevin striking a cheesy pose.

The hard part was eating it.
This one was a winner. They taste awesome and were so fun to do!



Your house seems like a very fun place to grow up! You do lots of creative things. Not so much here. We just try to get to bed without killing one another. But I love your ideas.


Those turned out so cute. I was going to do caramel apples, but maybe we will have to turn them into monsters too. If you are interested, I made the most amazing cinnamon caramel apple cake tonight that everyone gave a thumbs up to. It was so easy and perfect for a cool fall night.

The MacMizzles

Super scary and super yummy! We made caramel and candy apples on Sunday...needless to say I have eaten more than the whole family put together. I celebrate this month right with ya sista!


This is one I'll have to try for an FHE. Very cute idea! They turned out great.

The MacMizzles

Also, I must give credit where credit is due. Halloween is my favorite month, and somehow with all of my must do's I forgot about the I LIKE TO DO's. Yet your blog reminded me to just get down and dirty with my kids and enjoy October before it goes. Bless you.

Jill Manning

That picture of Myla made me laugh out loud, that is awesome!! She is going to hate that picture when she is older!!! What a fun activity, you are so brave to let Gavin play in the caramel, I had a slight anxiety attack just looking at the picture. What a good mommy you are!

Jared and Nicole Haws Family

Awesome! I'm going to have to do this for FHE this Monday, I love all the ideas you are passing on!