Saturday, January 3, 2009

Yes, It's That Bad

We are trying to expand Gavin's repertoire of food. Today we tried apple sauce. He really likes sweet potatoes, but he needs some variety in his diet. Men cannot exist on sweet potato alone...even little men. Well, let's just say Gavin didn't take too well to apple sauce.

We decided to end his dinner session when he puked up all of the apple sauce we had fed him. I guess he really didn't like it.



Those pictures are hilarious! What facial expression he has.

Jared and Nicole Haws Family

Oh wow, that's so cute and sad for Gavin at the same time!
Looks like you guys had a super fun time in Utah! I'm so glad! So, you played Rock Band on New Years Eve- so fun huh?! That's just about all we've done all weekend ourselves.
That snow tubing looked AWESOME! Everyone looked like you all had such a great time! Welcome home, I'm so happy you all traveled safely!

Turtles In Alaska

Oh those pictures are priceless!


Adorable...until he puked of course! So sweet!

The Earls

I love the facial expressions!

Heather Bower

He is so cute. I love that stage. By the way I love the new look of the blog so cute.


I love babies reactions when they start trying food for the first time. Those pictures are too cute.

The McMillans

I miss him already. What a great communicator he is! You are the cutest mom Christie, and I love how you capture it all.


Heather made her own baby food and it was actually really good (I snuck a taste every now and again). Her kids will now eat anything. Chase loved sweet potatoes and Makinley loved bananas. They are still as picky as all get out.

The pics. are so cute.


Oh, that is bad. What a little stinker : ) Too funny.

Skye Lee

That is totally the same face that Claire makes with apple sauce, pears, and peas. The only thing she will eat is sweet potatoes, bananas, and her new favorite....avocados, she LOVES them. I just take a half of an avocado and mash it a bit (in the skin) and start spooning it out. Try it! Gavin might like it and it is really good for him.