Monday, January 19, 2009

Planes, Trains, and Tea Parties

Little Miss Paige (of the Buchanan clan) had a tea party this morning with 10+ of her closest friends. Myla was invited to go and talked about it this whole weekend. She was so excited! She just loves Paige and Mimi (aka Maren).
Here is Myla and Princess Paige. Any tea party is not complete without some handmade aprons by Maren, right? Maren made at least 11 perfect little aprons for each of the girls. Aren't they so sweet?! Myla is definitely an apronista-in-training. She made sure I hung it up right next to all of my aprons. I'm sure we'll be putting it back on again soon. So, what do the boys do while the girls are "princess-ing?" We do boy stuff. We picked up James, Paige's brother, and headed off for our own morning-o-fun. First, we stopped off at Sonic for some blue slushies. Then we drove through the airport a couple of times to check out all the cool airplanes.
Any boy time involving James and Cade has to include trains. So we went home, put on their favorite Thomas movie, set up the trainset, and enjoyed two blissful hours of girl-free train time. And let me tell you, it was glorious. No fighting and no fussing.
After the slushies were purchased, the airplanes were seen, and the train was set up, Mom was no longer I enjoyed some Gavman time.



Looks like fun was had by all. I love it when we can focus on one gender activity at a time.


how fun! I love the pictures and the big smiles!

Jennifer Greer

Christie, I love your family pictures and your new blog template. You are so creative and very comp savvy. =)

Darla Pierre

awe shucks... you where in Utah? I suere do miss you! Your kids are soooo adorable! loves!

Jared and Nicole Haws Family

How cute! That sounds like a fun day and really cute for Myla! I love that she made aprons for all the girls, that's way creative. The boys looked like they had fun doing planes and trains- what a great day!


What a fun girl party and a fun boy party. They look like they had a blast.