Saturday, January 3, 2009

Utah Time

Christmas evening we left for Utah to visit Kev's family. I didn't take as many pictures as I usually do, so here is a hodge podge of pics.
These were the road conditions when we got to Cedar City. Thank goodness Kevin was driving. It stresses me AND Kevin out when I drive in less than ideal conditions. :)
First, we spent a couple of days with Grandma Pat. We had a great time! We went sledding (see the following post), opened presents, played with our cousins, visited with family, ate yummy food, saw Christmas lights, played and got some great tips for my new serger.
We love Grandma Pat!
The kids LOVED this shaking ball thingy (yes, that's the official name) that Aunt Wendy picked out from them.
Well, at least Gavin got some sleep. :)
Cade and Aiden
Oliver has the cutest smile ever!

Then we went to Grandma and Papa McMillan's house for a couple of days. We played in the snow, ate more yummy food, opened more wonderful gifts, went to The Body Worlds exhibit, watched Wall-E, saw Aunty Caroline, visited and played.Myla with Grandma Lynn
Papa pulling Kevin on a snowboard in the backyard.

My snow angel.

And my other snow angel.

Papa pulling Kev and Myla
Papa pulling Kev and Cade
We also got to visit our good friends Jared and Sienna. Poor Michelle couldn't come because she was sick. We missed her! Kevin and Michelle are cousins and Jared and Michelle lived in AZ for a couple of years while Jared went to school. We got to be great friends while they were here and we miss them now that they live in Utah again. Siena is their adorable daughter. We met at Temple Square and toured it a bit. When the kids got too rambunctious we went to a McDonald's with a playland. We had a great time!
For New Year's Eve Kevin's brother Paul and his wife Hailey hosted an awesome party! We had a great time playing air hockey and Rock Band and watching movies and munching on yummy food. We had to bail before midnight (I could blame it on the kids, but I'll admit, I was exhausted!). We had so much fun!
We wish everyone the best in 2009!


The McMillans

Okay, finally a moment. I have opened your blog 15 times and tried to leave a comment. The boys have been mischievous.

Anyway! I had a blast! That was so much fun. I am glad you made it home in bad weather okay. I love you all!