Monday, January 12, 2009

Candy Canes

When I was a kid my mom couldn't keep candy canes on the tree. Of course, we were the type of family that liked to lick our candy canes to the sharpest point possible, and then poked each other with them. As a family tradition my dad would buy the big candy cane poles for each of us and then we would watch White Christmas and lick away on our huge candy canes trying to get it the sharpest fastest to see who we could draw blood on first. Well...we didn't draw blood, we did love each other. :)
So what brings up the topic of candy canes weeks after Christmas is over? I was doing some leftover Christmas cleaning and found we have about a kajillion candy canes hanging around. I usually put them in a bag, thinking we'll use them for something, and then eventually throw them away around know, in preparation for buying fresh candy canes. It's a vicious cycle. :)
So here is my question for you: what do you do with your leftover candy canes?
I'm thinking it's a pretty slow blogging week when I write about my leftover candy canes. :)



Hmmmm...what do I do with them. Actually, we don't eat them so we recycle them to use on the tree the next year. Really, we don't even buy them to put on the tree since we don't eat them. We just use the ones people give us. However, I do eat the small ones. Those I like. Anyway, no ideas like the pumpkin idea coming from me.


Stir my hot chocolate with them, then throw them out. :)


Crush them into your hot chocolate or make peppermint bark. Or crush them and put them in vanilla ice cream mmmmm.

Jared and Nicole Haws Family

What a great topic! It's actually our first year buying candy canes so I'm just figuring this out as well. I have our left overs hanging on the side of the fruit bowl and the kids get one as a reward... in fact it was funny for me because I had just given them one and was considering if I should just throw them all away when I read your post... I like the hot chocolate and ice cream idea!

Julia M.

I myself am a huge fan of candy canes. And I keep them until the next year. They taste just fine to me! There's so much sugar, you can't tell. Hot chocolate is also a fabulous idea!


We put ours in our 72 hour kit, if it came time to use our kit, the candy canes would be enjoyed.

Jill Manning

So I have been wanting to make homemade peppermint marshmallows for a long time...that is an option.

The McMillans

I bribe my students with them. ;).