Monday, August 4, 2008

Late Night Purchase

Stacey and I thought it'd be fun to go grab Breaking Dawn at midnight...or shortly thereafter (we really wanted to avoid all the other Twilight freaks who'd be dressed up like vampires or other characters). When I picked Stacey up at 12:00 we both were wondering what the heck we were doing. Poor Stacey is pregnant and packing to move this week. Our eyes were bloodshot and tired, but we went anyway. It was fun. We were able to cut some people in line, courtesy of a Barnes and Noble employee (he probably saw the exhausted condition we were in and took pity) and we were out of there within 5 minutes. Here are some not-so-flattering pics ( Stacey looks cute, as always!):

Yes, I've finished the book and am curious as to what all you other Twilight people think of it. Let me know!


Haws Family

Well, I just gotta say that all this talk I've heard from you about this book has lived up to it's name! I can't believe that I actually read all 4 books in 4 days- but I really liked it! Thanks for introducing the book to me- really really good! Back to reality now :-)


I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVED IT!!!!! Only took me 16 hours!!!! It ended PERFECTLY!!! Everyone got their Happily Ever After!!!!!!

Blinzinger Family

Serious?! People are already finished?! Holy cow. It might be a while until I finish, but I will, and when I do, I will share my thoughts. (I do have to say I am not in a big hurry to finish because I can't imagine reading without more Twilight).

Jay and Kerry

We did buy the book only....yesterday not at midnight when it came out! Hahaha! I haven't even finished the 2nd and 3rd books but oh well! I'll get to it!

Jill Manning

I am reading it right now, I am so glad I have baby that is so content because she is giving me lots and lots of time to read in between feedings!!! I will let you know!

Jill Manning

Christie, I couldn't agree more with your thoughts on the book. There was something missing throughout and you got it right on, Edward was missing. That dynamic between Bella and Edward was missing and I think it was because Renesmee was there (and yes, I hate the name). I'm glad that Jacob was such a big part of the story because he has remained the same throughout all the books. I loved Twilight because it reminded me how fun it was to have a big time crush on a boy when you are a teenager and it was fun to relive that through he characters but that feeling was missing in this book. But she did a great job writing it and it was entertaining. I'm still on Team Edward though and I am glad that Bella didn't have to choose between the two, she did a good job making a twist out the story that was unexpected. Okay, my review is over, we can talk more when we come back which our big move in date is Aug 15 in Chandler, but more on that later.


I love that book! I really wish I could have savored it, you know? But instead I devoured it in about 8 hours. It was so great to finally have all the things that you've been waiting for happen! Yay!