Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Back to School!

Today is Kevin's first day of the nursing program at Scottsdale Community College. He's been accepted and waiting for placement for 2 years and we are so excited that he's finally beginning. It's a two year full time program. At the end of the program he takes the test to become a Registered Nurse. I know he'll do a great job!


Julia M.

Good Luck, Kevin! I hope that everything goes really well. Being a nurse is very admirable. Last week a nurse asked me why I was a speech therapist and I said, "I wanted to help people without hurting them." :) You have to be brave to be a nurse! Good luck!


Congratulations Kevin! Nursing is a wonderful career where you will be able to always provide for your family, get a job anywhere you'd like and work a variety of shifts. It will be a tough couple of yeasr, but totally worth it!
Should I hold you a spot in L&D?

Jay and Kerry

Good for you guys! I'm glad things are going well!

Haws Family

Good Luck Kev! I'm so excited for you that the day finally came... Good Luck!

Heather Bower

Good Luck, they always need good nurses. :-)


Your are going to be sooo great at it. Even if you hate one area of can always find another that is interesting. We get to graduate together in two years ! Can I start planning the party yet ???

The Earls

Woo-hoo! Good luck! I'm glad you only have 2 years left. The end is in sight.

Blinzinger Family

Congratulations on getting into the program!...and good luck as you progress through it these next 2 years.

Jennifer Flake

Congrats! That's awesome!