Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Those who know me well know that every now and then I get obsessed over trivial things. I wish these obsessions were somewhat useful, like those who must wash their hands 30 times a day or repeatedly check certain objects to make sure they are organized in a perfect line or look at their stove over and over to make sure it isn't on. Nope, not me. The good things is, generally my obsessions fade away over time. Here are some examples of my obsessions:

NKOTB & Tom Cruise - My walls were lined with pictures of them as a pre-teen. I collected every teen mag I could find, carefully cut out the pictures and taped them to my wall or put them in a photo album. I still have the photo album...I can't seem to part with it.

Billy Bob Thornton - Don't ask.

Vanilla Coke and Lemonheads - Generally not together, but definitely an option. All throughout high school I always had a bag of lemonheads. Did you know they make Lemonhead jaw breakers that are about the size of a quarter? Heavenly. And when Vanilla Coke came out I had to have at least one can a day (I admit, probably more.) If my metabolism hadn't slowed down to the pace of a snail I would still consume these daily. For now they are rare treats. And that's ok.

Okay, I have a confession...when Titanic came out I saw the movie 13 times in the theater. And I cried every time. I think I dragged everyone I knew to the movies just so I could see it again. And again. And again. You get the picture.

Aprons. This is a recent is blogging. I have 13 aprons hanging in my kitchen, with 2 more cut out and ready sew up. And 10 more ideas in my head that I can't wait to make. And blogging. I'm sure most of you have experienced the addiction to blogging. It comes and goes, but especially in the beginning, it was an obsession.

Okay, so here is the point of this whole post...right now, my obsession would be the Twilight series. Last year, while getting my hair done, my friend Chelsea asked me if I had read the books. I told her I had not and she explained that they were about vampires, but it wasn't like a stereotypical vampire book and they were so good. Well, vampires really aren't my preferred genre, so I had no intention of reading the books. Then it seemed like that was all people talked about; Twilight this and Twilight that and "Oh Edward!" Then I really didn't want to read the books. Around Christmas time I had to spend the day in the hospital and wanted to take some reading so I went to the bookstore and Twilight was my face. So I begrudgingly purchased it (I was curious to see what all the hullabaloo was about). And started reading it. And couldn't put it down. I finished it quickly and sent Kevin to get the second book, New Moon. And finished it. And then sent Kevin back again to get the third book, Eclipse. I finished all three in a weekend. Yes, I became obsessed. So, why am I telling you all this? Well, the 4th book, Breaking Dawn, is coming out THIS SATURDAY! I decided to read the first three again, to prepare for it. I started three weeks ago and barely finished the third book tonight. It takes a lot longer to read with three rugrats. :) I will be buying it on Saturday, but since we are blessing Gavin this weekend and will have family in town, I probably won't be able to get to it until Monday. So next week if you see my kids running amuck, hair disheveled, glazed looks in their eyes, chocolate running down their chins it will probably be because I will be playing Disney movies all day and setting out a smorgasborg of junk food to keep them happy while I read my book. (Just kidding...really!)


Jill Manning

Christie, I can't believe that it took us so many years to meet each other and become friends and you a girl after my own heart. While I didn't have Tom Cruise and NKOTB on my walls, it was NSYNC and Brandon and Dylan from 90210. And need I explain the apron and blogging thing...nope!!! And yes, I have been dying all week for the coming Breaking Dawn!!!! I preordered mine and won't get it til Monday so we can enjoy it late together! I can't wait, we will have chat about it afterwards or cry depending on Bella decides to do! Chelsea was the one to introduce me to the book too, while she was cutting my I said, why did we not know each other when we were younger?

The Blakes

Every has their obsessions! I loved reading about yours! I'm anxious for the new book too, but the timing couldn't be worse since I have to start work again.

The AZ McMillans

Thanks for accepting me in all my dorkiness! :)


I am in the same boat. Read all three books last summer and have been impatiently waiting for the 4th ever since. All the nurses at the hospital that work with me are obsessed as well so I am putting a warning out there:
"If you are thinking about having a baby at BDMC this weekend, be warned. Your nurse may not have slept since she sacrificed sleep to read Breaking Dawn or else she will not be in your room much because she is hiding in the bathroom reading the book also". Sorry- nurses are human too! We love obsessions.


Twilight Dork!

The McMillans

Oh how I love thee! Let me count the ways: I love that you just made some humor about motherhood. I mean seriously. That is funny. I also love that you are obsessed with sewing aprons. I have been the recipient so I feel blessed by your obsession. I also love that you made a joke about usefuly OCD! Cheers to you! you made me giggle something fierce. Also, I love nerds who read.

The McMillans

PS. I still don't know the difference between nerds and Dorks. So, please don't be offended by my ignorance for not calling you a dork.

Heather Bower

You are so funny. Maybe you should make me one of those cute aprons for my birthday or Christmas I'm sure they are adorable. Well fortunatly for me I won't become obsessed with those books since I hate reading but I know my sister likes them. :-) You book readers are so funny. Just kidding.