Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Kiddie Olympics

In the spirit of the 2008 Summer Olympics we had a kiddie olympics right here in our front yard area. We had some friends over and swam and played games. Here are some of the events:

Shotput: throwing the ball as far as we can. Look at Landon and Reese go!

Balance beam: walking along the tape on the ground and jumping the gaps.We had a couple of other events planned, but the kids were having so much fun playing in the water that we just let them be.
Here are some of the mommies watching in the heat. Most of them were pregnant. Thanks for being such troopers!

The rest of the time we played in the water and ate red, white and blue popsicles.

Here are our gold medalists:


The Blakes

You are such a fun mom...I often take mental notes of fun ideas you have so I can whip them out later. Thanks for the great party!


Thank you for putting on a great olympic day. It was fun, Karsyn loved it and the popsicle. Cute pictures of all the kids.

The Weights

What a fabulous idea and the kids looked like they loved it!! They are all so cute wearing their Gold medals!! You are such a fun and creative mom!


What cute gold medalists. Those pictures turned out cute. Thanks for inviting us. It was fun to do something fun with just Bradley. : )

Haws Family

Awe- how cute! It was a fun olympic water day! Thanks for putting that on, the kids had lots and lots of fun! You're the best!

Heather Bower

That looks like you had a blast. What a cute idea. :-) I love the medals. I guess with that age it's a good thing you kept them all gold. He, he, he.

Jennifer Flake

HOW fun!!!!

You're awesome!

I also enjoyed seeing pictures of the outside of the townhouses....brings back lots of memories!

Jill Manning

What a great idea!!! Christie, you are such an amazing mom, I have a lot to learn from you! I have no doubt that the kids loved the whole thing and that the moms appreciated the chance to wear their tots out!


how fun!!!! I am so sad I missed it. I'm sure Jace would've medaled in the "running" event. What a great idea.