Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Summer Fun!

Here are some of the fun things we've been up to this summer:
We made fun visors together. The kids loved putting the stickers on to spell their names. Cade did his all on his own. He even knew what colors he wanted and what ones he didn't want.
Myla saying, "See Mom!" with her cute little lisp on the s, so it sounds more like, "Thsee Mom!"
The Gav-Man
What do mom's do to get away and hang out with the girls? Play Bunko, of course. Here is my fabulous Bunko group. It was good to get back into it. I missed June because I had the Gav-man. This last time I came in last place, but ironically ended up with the prize I wanted!

Abbey (wearing the Sassy Pants hat), Maren, Chelsea

Sara, Rachel, Anna, Stephenie

Beka, Jen (the hostess this month), and Nicki (subbed for Dawn and Stacey who we missed!)

After 5 weeks of being stuck in the house during the day I decided it was time to take the kids out. Where did we go? Joanns, of course. Yes, I'm crazy. I swear there is a silent message at Joann's that only kids can hear that tells them to make their moms miserable as soon as they walk through the doors. But I really wanted to pick up some fabric to sew up some burpers and receiving blankets for Gavin. So, I did what any mother would do...bribed them with slushies from Sonic if they were good.

Taking the three kids out for the first time.

They were great! We went right to Sonic and got drinks.

Last week my mom watched Gavin and we went to the Tempe Splash park for the first time this summer. We lived there last summer and we've really missed it.

Cade running through the sprinkler.

Myla getting her feet wet.

The Buchanans joined us for this trip. I didn't get any pictures of James--he was havingn too much fun to hold still. The kids are snacking on their "dog bones."

Cade sliding.

Myla sliding. I had to sit at the bottom of this slide and catch her because she would shoot off about 3 feet and land pretty hard on her bum.

Last Friday we saw The Dark Knight. We traded babysitting with the Haws so we could all see it that day. I got the morning shift while Jared and Nicki saw the movie.
Overall the kids get along wonderfully...until you throw trains into the mix. I pulled out the train tracks and they did great for about 5 minutes. Here they are even letting Rachel have some fun and play with the tracks. But then someone wants someone else's trains and it all goes downhill. Life is so much more peaceful with preschoolers when Thomas and Friends sleep nicely in their train sheds...safely out of reach.
" Cheeeeese Mommy!"
Me and Rachel. Isn't she a cutie?!
Connor playing so nicely.

To end this really long post is a picture of Cade with his mittens. Cade is getting tired of the heat (he has a lot of his dad in him!). He told us that he wanted to go to the snow and see Aiden (his cousin in Utah).
He wore his mittens around all day and wouldn't take them off, even though it was 108 degrees outside! I guess it was wishful thinking. :)


Jill Manning

Christie, I can't get enough of your kids, they are so cute with the things they say and the things they do. I will have to remember the old bribe-your-kids-with-slushies trick when I want to go to Joanns, to think that it has been two weeks since i have been...its almost blasphemous! I hope to be able to get back into the Bunko cool club when we move back...if you'll have me!

Julia M.

You are brave! Your children are so darling. I'm glad you've been having fun. I don't blame Cade--I'd want to come to Utah in an Arizona summer, too. :)

The McMillans

How cute is that? The two souls of long lost cousinhood whom desire to be together?!! Well, until then, I will be sending their little packets soon. I know, it's only taken me 3 months or so.

You are such a good mom.


I didn't miss that Bunko!!! Remember I won!! I got most bunkos for the first time and Sassy pants! I coulnd't forget. You just didn't get a picture of me...I was sitting next to Maren :)

The AZ McMillans

Oops, you're right! Of course you were there got that huge score in the 60's one round. You deserved to win on your last night of Bunko.

Haws Family

So much fun! You got some cute pictures Chris... I love the one of you and Rachel- pretty good! Those splash park ones make me really want to go there- it was so fun last summer!