Thursday, July 10, 2008

Oh Good Grief!

Tonight, as I was driving home from a training I needed to attend, I was planning that I would get home, put the kids in bed, get Gavin to sleep and read a book or cuddle up with Kevin and watch the latest movie we just got from Netflix. Well, Cade and Myla had different plans for us. I was talking on the phone to my sister upstairs when I hear, "Christie! Get off the phone and get down here." I walk downstairs and before I get to the last step a distinctive, familiar smell hits me and I instantly know why Kevin had that irritated, trying-to-keep-his-cool tone to his voice. I get to the kid's bathroom and this is what I see:
Myla and Cade covered in diaper rash cream. We thought they were in bed. We were wrong. (Notice how Cade even took off his PJ bottoms so he could rub it on his legs? And I love that "I'm so busted!" look on his face.)
All that is left of the poor, helpless tube of Desitin.
Anyone who has tried to clean diaper rash cream off knows that you have to have lots of soap and you have to put lots of elbow grease into it. It took forever and seemed to just smear around. So while poor Gavin screamed his head off in his swing, Kevin and I got to clean up the kids, their beds and bedding and the carpet.
Maybe tomorrow, after the diaper rash cream smell wears off of us, Kevin and I will get to cuddle and watch that movie. :)


Jay and Kerry

Ha ha ha! I love the guilty expressions on their faces! I love it!


what a great story! Thanks for the laugh. those darn kids will always get into something :)

Julia M.

Oh my goodness! I'm glad you could laugh about it, but I'm sure it was rough right when it happened. They are busted! And you need to buy more cream. Wow. Parenting amazes me!


Oh my gosh that is horrible. Love the guilty faces and I totally feel for you guys having to clean that up. Yuck!! : )

The McMillans

Every time I open this, I am at loss for words. Mostly because your kids are so cute.

The Weights

I am sure that it was a nightmare to clean up, and I feel horrible for you- BUT That is HILARIOUS!! The pictures are soooo funny-and they know they are trouble!!

A priceless memory for their wedding videos someday!

Jennifer Flake

OH NO!!!! I have had that same scene at my house...but it wasn't near as cute too me then as it was seeing your kids all Desitined up!


Your kids really do love you... there's proof - they wanted family bonding time and something to look back on and laugh about. You should really be thanking, not spanking them.