Monday, July 7, 2008

A Good Day

Sheesh, it's been a while since I've really updated what we've been up to lately. I thought I'd catch up a bit.

The 4th of July was a lot of fun. We had a BBQ with the Webbs and had a great time. My dad has been working on this train for about 6 months. He built it from scratch and he did a great job. It's three cars (Kevin will be detailing them later with Thomas, Princess and Bob the Builder stuff on them) that are pulled by the four wheeler. The grandkids and my dad were so excited to take them out on their maiden voyage...or whatever it is you call a train's first run. Here are some cute pics (I stole these from Nicki and Jamie, I left my camera there):
All Aboard! My Dad even had a train whistle on his quad.
Everyone is loving it!
It was like a carnival ride. Cade still talks about it. It was a great 4th of July.

Things around the house are slowly getting back to normal. It has been a rough 5 weeks. My c-section incision is finally on the mend. Several spots opened up on the incision after I got home from the hospital. Just a couple of days ago another hole opened up. I've been seeing the doctor every week, cleaning it at least twice a day, have been on antibiotics to prevent infection and have been trying to take it really easy (hard to do with 3 kids!). Luckily there has been no infection. Kevin and my sister Nicki have been wonderful helping with Cade and Myla. All I have to say is anyone who thinks having a c-section is the easy way to have a baby...well, think again. There is no easy way to have a baby. There are pros and cons to having a baby both ways, and there is always potential for complications. Having a healthy pregnancy, a healthy baby and a healthy recovery really are miracles and ones that I will never take for granted again. Here is our little perfect Gavin:

Cade and Myla just adore Gavin. Every time Gavin cries they both announce it at the top of their lungs and if I don't drop what I'm doing right that second and run to pick up Gavin then they are there to "make him feel better." Usually this involves trying to shove the pacifier in his mouth or rocking the bassinet so hard I'm afraid he'll fly out. But it's sweet to see them so concerned about him.
I told my doctor last week that the only time I am able to leave the house is to see him, and although I adore my doctor, I need a little bit more of a life. He told me to start getting back into my routine. So even though I am not healed completely yet, I have the go-ahead to start doing stuff again! Yay! This morning Cade, Myla and I dragged out the little pool and slide and played outside until it got too hot.
Cade going down the slide.
Myla saying, "Hi Mommy!" in her really high, squeaky voice that I love. Gavin wanting to join in on the fun. Okay, really he just wants me to hold him. He is such a cuddle-bug and loves to be held. My favorite thing he does right now is when I hold him on my shoulder he always finds a way to scoot his little head underneath my chin. He loves to be held like that. Such a sweetie.
Splashing each other is so much fun...until it's not and then we cry. Okay, we're friends again.

For Family Home Evening we took the kids to see Wall-E. Really, I wasn't too excited about seeing it. Another robot movie? C'mon. But everyone I talk to who has seen it raves about it. And Cade has been walking around saying "Wall-e" in that robot voice, so we went. And it was so cute! The kids enjoyed it and Gavin slept through the whole movie.

It's been a good day.


The McMillans

You are just simply amazing. I am happy that things are settling for you. You guys are such good parents.

Choate Family

What a fun week! Your Dad is so clever with his cute train. I love it! Your kids are just too adorable.

The Blakes

So glad you're feeling better! Gavin is just so darn cute! (Just like his siblings!)

Haws Family

I really love those pictures of Gavin! He's so precious! I'm so glad you were able to get out and do a little bit of water fun outside! The kiddies looked like they were having fun! Wall-E was so cute! I've had to take the boys twice because all of them, including dad, loved it and kept asking... luckily Rachel slept through both times as well- makes it a lot more fun!

Julia M.

Sounds like you have been super busy! I hope your incision continues to heal and that you are feeling more normal. Gavin is beautiful. I love your family!

Jennifer Flake

You posts are always so fun to read. I hope you're doing good and that heal up fast. You're one tough cookie!

Jill Manning

Yeah for updates and yeah for pictures of baby gavin. He is so stinkin handsome!!! I'm glad that I will have sympathy points from you when I am recovering from my c-section because if I hear that I am having a baby the easy way one more time I am going to rip my hair out. You are my hero!

Payne Family

You have such cute kids! Ok, now I don't mean to pry, but I noticed that Gavin had a bottle in his little seat next to him. Do you bottle or breastfeed or both? If you do both, how and the heck to do you get him to take a bottle. I have been trying to get Branden to take one, with no luck. Any suggestions?