Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Miss Maren's Monkeys

Cade is LOVING preschool! He gets so excited when it's time to choose his show and tell item, put his backpack on and head off to school. Miss Maren is the coolest and created a blog to highlight what's going on at preschool. Check it out!



You are so nice to me even when I call you a "doodledork" - I really don't deserve such a cool BFF.


You son is so EASY & good in class. He's part of the reason I can have 6 boys at once and not go crazy (James on the other hand is a different story - picture this: class today James is like the head "frat" (fraternity) boy. He's yelling "Look. I'm cookie monster" while chewing up crackers and spitting them EVERYWHERE!! - he is a "special" case)

The McMillans

look how sweet that face and child is!!!!! Oh, I really hope you all can come out some time soon. I am having serious withdrawl!!!! Or I can come out there....someday. (now sing the song Someday from West side Story.)

The Blakes

As usual, I want to go to Ms. Maren's class just because it looks so fun!

Blinzinger Family

That is so great that she has a site dedicated to the activities and goings-ons of preschool life. How awesome!! I hope when I go searching out a preschool for Livvy I find one with as great as a teacher as Maren seems to be. It makes me want to give up this adult responsibility and transgress to toddler days.


Cade is lucky to have such a great teacher, I pulled up her blog and saw "Don't eat Pete" I have to say that I grew up with that game and I love it.

Jay and Kerry

How fun! Ah, the good ol' days of preschool! How cute!


Wow I can't get over how much older Cade looks since the last time I saw him. That video of him is super cute. He is a good lookin' kid!! By the don't be ashamed the Doodle bops aren't all that bad.