Monday, October 15, 2007

A Day at the Zoo

Last week Jamie, Nicki and I took the kids to the zoo for a few hours of fun! It was October break, so by the time we left it was pretty busy. We got there when it first opened, so we were able to see some cool animals before it got too hot and before the crowds were too bad. We saw the elephants and monkeys, as usual, but this time we also saw the wallabees. The kids really got a kick out of them, especially when they hopped around. We had a really good time!

Miss Myla the Diva

This was the only picture I could upload to blogger tonight. I have a ton of cute ones that I'll try to upload later.


Jill Manning

I love how much you take your kids to the zoo...I loved the zoo as a kid (what am I talking about, i still do) and would've loved to have gone as much as your take your kids, I think it is great! Is there any interest in seeing the giraffes? They are my favs!

The McMillans

Myla is a Diva! Look at her! she is so cute I can't take it. She is fantastic, in her glasses sitting there so sweetly with a look of sincere glamour. Love her. Glad you had fun at the zoo.

The Blakes

Myla is truly a fashionista! I bet she was the cutest girl at the zoo!

Haws Family

I just commented to Jamie on the zoo that I had so much fun- thanks for inviting me! I'm going to get a zoo membership next year too- the kids just love it and it's a great workout walking around that place! That is a cute picture. I was bummed bc all my pics are of the backs of heads... do you have any face shots? :-) I know you took lots of pics, mind if I steal some of them from you?


That was a fun day. I am glad we got memberships so we can go whenever we want to. Myla is a little Diva. Her and her shades, what a cutie.


Your kids are very cute. That's funny that it's so hot there. Not so here, I'm afraid.
Liam loves Star Wars, too. He keeps asking me what age he has to be before he can watch the movies.

Jay and Kerry

How adorable! That's fun! I wish Jay would take me to the zoo but he refuses. Oh well!