Friday, October 5, 2007

Little Miss Myla

Little Miss Myla has quite the personality. She is one kid that knows what she wants and is always on the move. She has her daddy wrapped around her finger (which is really cute, but sometimes frustrating for him) and her big brother as her protector (like she really needs one!). She has started talking and says about four words: no (this is her favorite), ball, more, and Mama. Her little voice is so cute. It's fun to here her start talking and trying to mimic what we say. Here are some pictures of what Myla has been up to.

Myla got a dolly for Christmas last year from her Grandma Pat. We pulled it out the other day and she loves it! She sleeps with it, she drags it around the house, she cuddles with it. It's really sweet.

Myla also just got some new sunglasses. She just broke my pair because she loves putting them on and playing with them, so I got her a pair of her own. The package said they were "unbreakable." Well, we'll see.The funny thing is that she likes to push them up on the top of her head like I do. She does this with a pair of Bob the Builder goggles that she likes to wear too.

Myla loves to throw her food on the floor and smear her food in her hair. We have discovered that if she has a napkin she'll wipe her hands on the napkin and then tear the napkin into a million little pieces. But if she doesn't have a napkin she uses her hair or Kevin's arm.



She is soo cute! That reminds me. I have some pictures of her that I'll send to you from the party.



Haws Family

She's so cute! I love that girl! I love how she holds the babydoll- and I especially love the food in the hair. I think they think we're bored mom's and need to do more than make dinner and clean dishes :-) I can't wait to hear her talk words!

The McMillans

Myla is so beautiful just like mom. She has changed so much, and looks so smart, and curious and sweet. What a cutie!

Jay and Kerry

How cute is that?! She's adorable!I can't believe how big she's getting! Fun!


Oh our little Myla is growing up. She is such a doll.

The Earls

Wow Myla is getting so grown-up! She looks just like you Christie. It must be the age thing, Elliott throws his food on the floor lately too. Drives me nuts, at least we don't have carpet under the table anymore.

Julia M.

What a darling little princess you have. I love to hear children start talking, too. Since I don't have children of my own, I encourage my nieces and nephews to say "Ju-Ju" first. I'm usually pretty persuasive! You are such a fabulous mom, and have a darling family!