Saturday, October 13, 2007

Brian Regan Live

Our cheek muscles hurt. Our abs are sore. We have headaches. And it is all worth it! We just got back from the Brian Regan show at Dodge Theatre and we didn't stop laughing for 90 minutes straight - which explains our various ailments. Brian is so funny (yes, we are on a first name basis). Everything he jokes about is so true and it comes from real life...which is why it's so funny! We went with some awesome friends, which made it even more enjoyable.

Here is one of Kevin's favorite bits that Brian does:

And here is one of mine:


Jay and Kerry

We love Brian Regan! He's hilarious and clean! It's nice and refreshing to have a comedian who is hilarious but can still be clean about it!


pretty funny stuff... should I be worried that we weren't invited with the "party" crowd of the ward? Just kidding there is no way we could afford the tickets? It would have spoiled my Disneyland plans.... hmmm Brian Reagan or Disneyland? ... yeah. he would have lost hands down.

Jill Manning

Christie, I can't believe how fast you got this entry up, I mean, we just got back from the concert that night and you had this up already, I am impressed! That was a great night, I am so glad that I got introduced to Brian Regan, I don't think I will be the same now!

The McMillans

Every time I go to watch Brian, my kids are around and I never quite seem to hear his stuff. I think he is hilarious! Thank you for posting his stuff, this way I actually get to hear it from start to finish! I am so glad that you guys got to go out and have some fun. I am glad your belly hurts from laughter, that is actually my favorite kind of pain.

The AZ McMillans

Yeah Jill, I was wired when we got home and I asked myself, "What can I do? Blog about it of course!"

Haws Family

That's so neat you guys got to go Chris! I bet it was the best night! I'll have to try and catch his show next time he's in town- he's so funny on DVD!

Blinzinger Family

So cool! Glad you got to go. Before reading your post I didn't have a clue who Brian Regan was. Seems like a great comedian. I LOVED the clips you put up. Very funnY!