Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Super Student

I was going through my pics to upload a new apron to my etsy site (didja like that shameless plug?) and saw this one I took of Kevin with the kids a couple of weeks ago. I got a little sad because I miss Kevin. He is studying his diligent little heart out every second he gets. This has been a pretty intense semester for him and so we haven't seen as much of him between all of his different responsibilities. But the time we do spend with him is sweet. I had to get this shot of all the kids huddling around him. They sure love their daddy. Only two more weeks of this semester and then we get him for the whole summer!


Jennifer Flake

Honestly...what would we do without husbands???

Julia M.

I can't even imagine how difficult it is to have him in school so much! Ben and I did school without children, and we missed each other something fierce. It's going to be a good summer, isn't it? :)

The MacMizzles

Aiden keeps insisting, while looking at this picture, that he come to your it's been too long. And, we are so proud of Kevin, and so proud of you!


Just keep telling yourself it will all be worth it in the end. Hopefully the end comes soon. Love the aprons by the way! Bret bought me one for Mother's Day and I've already used it.


I can sympathize. Yeah for summer breaks. If only husbands got summer breaks after they graduated too...

Jared and Nicole Haws Family

Yeah!!! Only 2 more weeks! How exciting. You guys deserve one awesome summer of fun!


Awwww what a sweet guy. Love that pic. Yeah for summer!!!

Heather Bower

That is sweet. You are such a sweet wife. I know how you feel school stinks. When Colby has school and test it stinks the kids sure miss him. :( We hope it's worth it in the end, right?


i completely understand. wahoo only 1 more week. (me too)