Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Father/Son Campout

A couple weekends ago Kevin took Cade on their first Father's and Son's campout with our ward. I sent the camera with Kevin with the firm instructions to take pics of all the fun. This was their very first one! It had to be documented. So, based on the pics that Kevin took (and from his own commentary about the weekend) this is pretty much what happened:
They drove. Both are happy and excited to go!Cade wee wee-ed on his first shrub. A momentous event for any boy I'm sure. Well, I'm not sure. Moving on...Cade slept. For like 14 hours. Kevin said he slept most of the time. He came home with a pretty bad fever. Poor kid.
Cade threw rocks in the river. Knowing how this kid loves throwing rocks into water, I'm sure this was his favorite part. If he had stayed awake to roast marshmallows, that might have been his favorite part.
Kevin drove home, while Cade slept...with juice and cookie in hand. That kid is talented. (I think Kevin is pretty talented too, taking that picture while driving. )
So that concludes the first Father/Son campout. They both came home sunburnt and tired and sick. But they were glad they went.


Jared and Nicole Haws Family

Kevin is quite the photographer!! Poor kid, that's sad for both of them that he was sick. At least he got to throw the rocks...


What and exciting weekend for those two. Peeing on a shrub totally exciting : ) Too bad the kid got sick.

Ron and Lynn McMillan

Okay...I can see the "peeing picture" in his wedding video ! Nice shot. Can't wait to see you guys in a couple weeks!!!