Monday, May 4, 2009

Silly Gavin...

pacifiers are for newborns! Gavin will be turning one year old next month and he just barely started sucking on pacifiers. We tried everything we could to get him to take one when he was a little baby, but he just wouldn't have it. Suddenly he wants one! So funny. Maybe it'll help him sleep better at night?? Gavin is getting ready to walk. He pulls himself up to couches, bathtubs, etc. and walks along them. However, he can't seem to hold onto the church pew. Yesterday he fell twice at church and bonked himself pretty good. See the bruise on his poor little forehead? He's got a matching one on the side of his head that you can't see in the pic. I felt like I deserved the "Bad mother of the year" award yesterday, letting him fall twice. Anyway, back to walking...he now pushes away and balances for several seconds. He's growing up so fast.


Jessie Lewis

It's on. I'll bring pots of extra powerful coffee and we'll chase it with Red Bull.

the Picketts

i cant believe he's just now love the binki- thats so funny:)

Heather Bower

Man just get rid of that thing before he turns three or he'll be like Cooper and be almost 4 and addicted to it. It's a bad habit.

The MacMizzles

His face makes me giddy. Honestly he is so cute. Where did this year go?


he is so cute! Clair has 2 big bruises on her forehead right now :(

Jennifer Flake

Is Gavin REALLY going to be one!? My goodness!

Scotty and Jenna

Hilarious about the pacifier! I actually remember him getting that bruise in church :)