Thursday, April 23, 2009

And He's Up...

Gavin has been pulling himself up for weeks now. He follows the kids around the house and wants to play with them so bad. Cade and Myla are usually really good at involving him.
This is Gavin standing at the bathtub wanting so badly to be in there with Cade and Myla. I try to get him in but bathing three kids at one time is a challenge. I usually come out soaking wet.
Gav's little feet.
Yesterday I went downstairs and he was half way up them! He about gave me a heart attack. I didn't know he could climb the stairs. I am having a hard time keeping up with him!


the Picketts

he's such a a cute boy! i love the little feet pic, i just took one of bradens feet crossed today! lttle pudgy feet are the best!!

The Blakes

He looks handsome in plaid. Ok, he looks handsome in everything. What a looker!

Jared and Nicole Haws Family

Awe... I can't believe how fast he progressed! He is such a strong little smartie! What cute little bitty feet!

The Earls

Yay Gav! He's getting so big and is so cute!


Walking already? That's crazy.

The MacMizzles

AHHHHH!!! He is so cute! I cannot take it. I want to grab him and kiss him and talk to him and then run around with all three of your kiddys. Kiss them for Aunt Aubers

Darla Pierre

That's awesome! How old is he now?