Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tonight we were able to spend a couple of hours just hanging out as a family. It was really nice! Cade coerced Daddy into building this awesome train track, and then proceeded to tell Kevin how to operate it. He gets pretty bossy when it comes to trains.
(Please ignore the clutter. I just can't seem to keep up!)
We currently have four different sets of train tracks: the Lego City train tracks (pictured above) where you can drive the train by remote control; the Lego Thomas train tracks, the Thomas plastic track, and the Thomas wood tracks. Yeah, we are set on tracks. But Cade doesn't quite see that. Today we were at Target and we passed a different Thomas style tracks that we don't have (and WILL NOT get) and Cade informed me that he wanted those for his birthday. He's a little obsessed. :)
Gavin enjoyed watching Daddy and Cade play trains. He is such a happy boy. He breaks out into an adorable grin every time we look at him. Just look at those eyes!
Cade gave up directing Daddy, so Daddy had his own fun.
Myla sat on the couch and watched. Every now and then she got down to play too, but was mostly content to observe.
I had to throw in this picture of the Gavman sleeping. He is growing so fast. He is acting like he wants to roll over. He is sleeping through the night. He is laughing. He's just such a joy!


Julia M.

I love seeing these pictures! How fun that Cade is all boy with his train tracks, and that Kevin joins in the fun, too. Myla is so beautiful and that Gavin is darling!

Heather Bower

Oh my gosh that is so Cooper. He had three train tracks and wants more. He loves them, he can't get enough. How did that happen. We didn't even make him like trains or anything he found them on his own. Weird.

Haws Family

What a relaxing evening! I'm glad you guys had a chance to just relax and be together. You guys are so busy! Cade is such a cutie with his trains!