Thursday, September 4, 2008

Fun in Flagstaff

This past weekend we took a short trip out of town up to Flagstaff. It was exactly what we needed!
Myla decided to get ready for the trip in style. She and Cade fought and fought over these little hats...we only have about 10 of them, but of course they both wanted that blue one. She looks pretty cute though, doncha think? I can see her as my little snowboarding girl in a couple of years...she's got the looks and the fearlessness.
Cade fought it and fought it, but sleep won. He fell asleep right in the middle of his sucker snack.
After a brief stop in Anthem, where we did a little shopping and eating, we checked into our hotel in Flagstaff around 8:00. I realized that I forgot Gavin's portable crib. Since Myla was sleeping with me I didn't want Gavin in the bed (she's quite the gymnast in her sleep) and I didn't want to put him on the floor, in case one of us got up at night and forgot he was there. So we did the next best thing, we pulled out a dresser drawer and dressed it up all nice and comfy.
The Gavman didn't mind. He woke up smiley!
Saturday was Kevin's 29th birthday!! Yay! This was part of the reason we went up to Flag, to celebrate Daddy. After a round of hugs and kisses Kevin opened his gift, a new iPAQ PDA to help him organize all his nursing school, Elders Quorum, family, etc. obligations.
We then went to Mike and Rhonda's The favorite restaurant for breakfast and old stomping grounds from my NAU days.
After breakfast we went swimming. No, we did not wait 30 minutes. :) This pool was was heated and the kids loved it.
Then we went for a bit of sight seeing, led by me. We drove around NAU where I showed them the dorms where I used to live and where I took most of my classes. This is my old apartment (I took this picture for you Taryn!). I loved living in Flagstaff. I get super nostalgic whenever we go there.
Where do we go from here?
To play! We went to a park to let the kids play on equipment that wouldn't scorch their hands. We spent quite a bit of time here. The weather was beautiful and everyone was so happy.
Cute boy.
Sliding time
My sweet boy! See how he puts up with my constant kissies.
Having fun
Look! For lunch we went to Altitudes. It's right next to the train tracks. It was such beautiful weather we ate out on the porch.
Cade and Myla loved that because then they could watch the train every time one came by. It was pretty cool.

After lunch we took a drive up to Snow Bowl to enjoy the beauty. We briefly thought about taking the Sky Ride up the mountain, but then images of children falling off the ski lift quickly dispelled that idea.

On our way home that night we stopped off in Sedona to have dinner with the Haws family. They decided to get away for the weekend as well.
Kevin enjoying the strawberry sundae the Haws's got him for his birthday. Thanks Haws's for the dinner!


The McMillans

Way fun, I totally understand the nostalgia about college days. I bet it was so fun for everyone. I am glad you were able to get away before starting school and things going through transition. Such a wise decision. And as always we celebrate Kev's birth.

Julia M.

Happy Birthday, Kevin! What a fun weekend. I love your dark hair. Your children are getting bigger and bigger every day! I think Myla would be an awesome snowboarder chick. She'd just have to hangout with her Utah family more. :)

The Blakes

Happy day to Kevin! You're trip made Trent and I green with envy (even though we got to go to San Diego). There is something so relaxing about Flag. We're particularly jealous that you got to have breakfast at The Place. I'm glad you got a family weekend away - they are the best!

the Picketts

What a fun quick trip! i love Flagstaff- the weather is always great there! i just told Danny we need to take a little family trip to get away and fun for the boys!


Happy late birthday, Kevin!

The Earls

AAaahhhh Mike and Rhonda's. I loved the place (no pun intended). It's always fun to go back down memory lane. Looks like you had fun. Happy Birthday Kevin!

Heather Bower

That looks so fun. Happy Birthday, Kevin. Your pictures were so cute.

Taryn Choate

Oh my heavens Chris . . . you went by good ol' Alpine Ridge!!! Wow, that took me back. How fun you got to go by there. Looks like a fun trip!

Jennifer Flake

Whta a fun get-a-way! I am SO going to steal that Idea for a crib...leaving the pack-n-play behind would save tons of room in the car!

The Weights

That sounds like a really fun little getaway!! I love that Gavin slept in the drawer!! Good thinking!!