Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Cade is 4!

My little boy is growing up! Cade turns 4 today. He has been looking forward to his birthday for months! All of his friends have been having birthdays and turning 4 and he just couldn't wait. He talked non-stop about it. The big day finally came! We had a small birthday party at the splash park this past weekend. Jared, Connor, Paige, James, and Jacob (and accompanying parents) came. We had a great time.
We played... and blew out candles...
and ate...
and opened presents (the best part!).
Cade's faves at age 4
Color: "Blue, like Thomas"
Food: Fruit snacks, bananas, and spaghetti
Drink: apple juice and chocolate milk
Book: "Airplanes"
Song: I Am A Child of God
Toys: Legos and trains
New This Year
* Cade started primary this year and loves his teacher Sister Harding. He says, "Sister Harding is cute." He has given a talk in primary and did a great job!
* Cade started a new year at Miss Maren's Monkeys preschool. He loves learning.
* Cade can write his name, Myla's name and Dad's name. He draws people and shapes and is always asking me how to spell words so he can write them down. He has even started sounding out words with Daddy and can recognize small two and three letter words.
* Cade is a great big brother to Myla. He loves playing with her and misses her when he is gone. When he spent the night at his cousin's house this summer he was really worried about Myla being sad. He loves to help feed Gavin and doesn't like to see him cry. He'll stroke Gavin's face and talk to him in a cute baby voice to try to get him to stop crying.
* Cade LOVES his grandparents, all of them. He talks about them all the time and always wants to call and talk to them.


Julia M.

Happy Birthday Cade! I still haven't grown out of spaghetti or chocolate milk--they are still my favorites. He's such a smart boy. I'm sure you're so proud of him!

Haws Family

Yea- 'Happy Birthday Cade We love you!'

The Earls

Happy Birthday Cade! We hope you had a fabulous day!

Jill Manning

Happy Birthday Cade...what a big boy!!!


Happy Birthday Cade!!! Hooray! Looks like you had so much fun! Jace asks to go over to his house still :( We miss you guys!


Happy birthday Cade!! Sorry we missed your party. Looks like fun!! Can't believe he's 4 now, crazy. He is such a little smarty pants.