Thursday, February 21, 2008

Goodbye Dear Friend

It's time to lay the DP addiction to rest. It's a sad day, but it's very, very necessary. Join me in a moment of silence.


Jill Manning

Is this a goodbye or just a goodbye for now? I did have a moment of silence for you...I have had to say goodbye to Diet Coke but I don't think it will last any longer than this pregnancy! Good luck with this new endeavor!

The McMillans

.....MMM, deep breath. (good for you.)

Jay and Kerry

I'm going to a zen place...ok, I'm back! Good for you! I'm so bad at giving up caffeine and soda! I've tried many times but it gets the best of me every time! Good luck!

Julia M.

My mom has a battle with Coke. I hope this is the end of your battle! You can do it!

Skye Lee

I just have to wish you good luck!!! I love my Pepsi and not even considering giving up! I do limit it though since I am pregnant.
I will be rooting for you! Down with the DR.!!!

The Earls

Are you giving it up just because of the caffeine? Because they do make caffeine-free regular that tastes just the same (in my opinion). And Utah is the closest place to get it for you, I think, and you guys get to go there once in a while or know people who can get it for you. Just a thought.

The AZ McMillans

I am giving it up because it's all I drink. If I have it in the house, I drink it before all other things. It's kind of like my's gets me going in the morning and keeps me going throughout the day. And since I'm pregnant and very much an all or nothing person right now (not usually, just when I'm pregnant apparently) I decided to give it up. I need to drink water. But thanks for the caffeine free idea. I think I've seen it around here. Maybe for my special treat night. :)


I feel for you, I have a HORRIBLE addiction to Mt. Dew. I too have to have it everyday. I hope that someday I will be able to quit it, AGAIN! Good Luck!

Jared & Nicole Haws Family

I had no idea you liked Dr Pepper- I'm proud of you for quitting! It's like what Erleen Tilton says- 'if it's not water, than it's just not water'- your baby will thank you!

Choate Family

Chris, I'm not quite sure I'd be able to do away with my dear friend Dr. Pepper. You are much stronger than I am!!

The Blakes

I'm a little behind on your posts, but really? Must you? DP is my addiction as well. I'll drink one for you!


I'm a coke addict til I die.. that's why my kids turn out the way they do - what can I say? You saw James today on Coke... a lot like his coo-koo momma.