Friday, February 8, 2008

Flashback Friday

Guess who is coming back?

Yes, I was a NKOTB freak. In fact, I had this exact poster hanging up in my room, and still have it (along with all of my other NKOTB memorabilia) in a big box in storage. Why can't I part with all of it? Well, I think it may have something to do with the fact that every single penny I earned went to the teeny-bopper magazines where I poured over "facts" about the New Kids and cut out pics to put in my own photo album; or to the buttons and t-shirts and videos and cassettes. It may also have something to do with nostalgia. My friends and I had sleepovers where we would watch the video over and over...and over again. Of course we had all the adolescent squealing and arguing over who was the cutest.
Who was my favorite?
Jon. I thought I was destined to marry him.
And this is him today, almost 40. Not bad.
I'm curious, will there be all the dancing and hip thrusting and singing of the bubblegum pop music? These guys are pushing 40. It'll be interesting to see what this reunion is all about.


Jared & Nicole Haws Family

LOL Christie~ I remember watching you and your friends- you were hilarious! This will be neat to see where they as a band will go this many years later! Maybe some of that memoribilia will be worth some $..?

Jill Manning

Thank you for posting this Christie...while I missed my moment in the sun with the new kids, I all but made up for it with NSYNC and I too have a box full off everything that I have of their's and I can't get myself to throw it all away! I feel sane-r (is that a word?) know someone else has a struggle with this. And might I add, you have good taste...I think he is the only one that didn't wear make-up.

The McMillans

New kids were all the rage, girls freaked out, boys obsessed over looking just like them, meanwhile I was in the corner with Madonna and Tori Amos being depressed and wishing I was a virgin, I mean....???!!!!I liked them as well. I am excited for you, maybe this will put a hope in your step while you await baby. Maybe Cade and Myla will dance away with you.


Aubs - I love Tori & Madonna I remember singing Material Girl while sorting laundry and getting a huge lecture about "material objects" and the worship of false idols... sheeesh I just thought it was a song. By Christie - Jon was my favorite as well. Maybe it was the shyness about him or his coy manner. He was definately the sweetest. Jordan seemed like everyone's fav, but he was too teethy and polished. Then who were the other ones? One looked like a monkey. One was Marky mark, right? and the last was a baby face one... Joey? I don't remember that well. But I loved them and I bet I have a picture tucked away somewhere.

Skye Lee

I LOVED the NKOTB! Donny was my favorite though, he was definitely the cutest. Wanna go to the concert? heehee My sis. and I had Kyle download some of the songs for us a few months ago, I still love the music!

Jay and Kerry

Ha ha ha! How funny! I don't remember much about the NKOTB but I remember making fun of them and calling them the Old Cows In The Barn! Ha ha ha! Ok, I was young...give me a break! LoL!