Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Caution: Doting Ahead

Please just let me take a moment and dote on my children. Maybe it's because I actually got a full night's sleep last night (thank you Unisom) but today I have just been so in love with my kids. Don't get me wrong, I always love my kids to pieces, but do you ever have those days where you want to cuddle and kiss them all day long? So let me tell you a bit about what they have been up to.

Myla: This little girl is potty training herself. I've been so focused on getting Cade trained that it never even occured to me Myla would be ready...until she ripped off her diaper, high-tailed it to the bathroom, went pee pee on the potty, dumped it into the toilet, flushed the toilet, then raised her hands in the air and shouted, "I did it!"

Now before you think it's a fluke you should know that she does it all the time now. If we are home she will only go in the potty. It's crazy! I feel so lucky!! Hopefully it will last. Knock on wood. Cross my fingers. Throw salt over my shoulder. Wish on a star. Whatever it is I have to do. :)

Because I had no plans to potty train Myla we had no underwear for she wore Cade's the first day. She didn't mind.

But once she got her own girlie underwear she was ecstatic! I just love little kids in their underwear. Sorry for the graphic pics. :)

Myla has also been talking up a storm. We are having a lot less of the tantrums because she is able to tell us what she wants...most of the time. She is so much fun and is adored by all, especially Cade!

So what's Cade up to? Well let me tell you, this big boy is finally almost completely potty trained! He made it through church and preschool and playtime at the mall today without any accidents. He told me when he needed to go, we rushed to find the nearest bathroom, he went and we got on with our day. Whew!! Let me tell you, after 8 months of off-and-on potty training I am most grateful to almost have it over. (Sorry about all the potty talk. It's a pretty exciting topic around the McMillan house...probably not to ya'll though.)

Cade is also doing so well in his new primary class and loves his Sunbeam teacher "Mister Harding" (or Sister Harding as the rest of us call her). He looks forward to going every week, especially since we promise him his BFF James will be there (no pressure Maren).

Cade loves coloring, doing puzzles, going to preschool, playing with trains and cars, and pushing Myla around in the doll stroller. Yes, it's probably a safety hazard, and yes, there is a sticker on the stroller that says it's not for human use...but it makes them happy and there have been no injuries yet. If you've seen our house you know there isn't much room to get injured.

Myla and Cade at the top of the slide.

Going down head first...the favorite way to go!

My budding photographer Cade took this of Mommy and Myla.


The Blakes

What a smarty pants that Myla is! I can only hope that Ty potty trains himself!

Jay and Kerry

That's so amazing! Good for you! Two kids potty trained at the same time! What a relief! I love the picture of you and Myla. I think photography is in Cade's future maybe!


Congratulaions! I was just thinking what a blessing that will be to have both of them trained and no diapers....until a few more months! How lovely. i hope Jace is done by the time my second one comes. :)

Julia M.

So darling! I love the picture of Myla in Cade's underwear. You deserve to dote when your children are so fabulous! Are you feeling okay with your pregnancy? I sure hope so!

Jared & Nicole Haws Family

I'm jealous! I guess girls really do potty train faster! Maybe Rachel and Connor will potty train at the same time, LOL! I'm happy for you though- that's so awesome!

The McMillans

I know what you mean. I have those feelings so often I find myself stopping to enjoy it before they are only home 4 hours a day. Also, so exciting the potty training news, how cute is Myla in her undies, so proud! What great pictures of all of you. I am glad things are going so well.

The McMillans

OH! And that Cade is Potty trained as well. So cool.


That's awesome. I hope it lasts for you. How nice that would be to have a break from diapers.

Jill Manning

Yeah for Potty Training! Aren't kids amazing?!?!? Your kids are too cute, I love how much they love each other!


I can't believe you went to the mall and didn't tell us. Didn't I tell you what we do when we are stuck home all day?