Wednesday, January 23, 2008


If there was heaven on earth, for Kevin it would be Legoland. We spent two wonderful days at Legoland. There was so much to do and see and discover. It was perfect for the little people too!
The whole crew taking a cruise around Legoland Lagoon.
Grandma, Papa, and Oliver
Aubrey, Oli, and Myla building their lego masterpiece.
Myla "helping" Daddy with his bridge
The McMillan family
Myla and Daddy shooting water.
Oliver and Papa
This was my favorite part of Legoland. All of those instruments are made out of Legos (just like most things there) and when you stand on a circle in front of the instrument it squirts water and makes music. If you look close you can see the McMillan clan stomping on the circles creating a musical masterpiece. :)
Aiden, Kevin and Cade running laps around the musical fountain.
No trip would be complete without checking out the Lego Thomas. It was a hit with Aiden and Cade.
Is that Christie and Myla...or not? Kevin sure looks happy with his Lego woman. :)
Aubs and Ryan
Cade and Kevin checking out the dinosaur made out of Legos.
Digging for dinos.

Sweet girl!



How fun! Now I know where we'll go on our vacation when we have some vacation money. I bet our kids wold love it. It sure looks like you guys had fun.


That place looks like a lot of fun for little kids and of course Kevin : ) Love all the legos and Thomas, wow, I bet Cade was in heaven! Love the picture of you and Myla as lego people. : )

Jared & Nicole Haws Family

Awe- they had thomas- I bet Cade went crazy excited! That place looks like fun!