Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Kevin and Christie

Here is a fun tag.

How long have you been together? 6 years

How long did you date? About 6 months. We met on the mission and started dating shortly after Kevin got home.

How old is he? 28

Who eats more? Kevin

Who said I love you first? I don't really remember. I think Kevin did. But it was pretty mutual.

Who is taller? I need to answer that question. :)

Who is smarter? Hmmm...I would say we are smart in different ways. But whenever one of the kids do anything smart everyone says, "He's just like Kevin." Kevin is a smartie-pants.

Who does the laundry? Kevin does most of it. I load, he folds and puts away. He is sweet!

Who does the dishes? Me. Kevin will help put away because I hate that part.

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Kevin does.

Who pays the bills? We just made the change-over. Kevin now pays the bills. Hopefully we'll say money better that way. I'm the first to admit...I'm not the best with money.

Who mows the lawn? What lawn? Hee hee.

Who cooks dinner? I have the best deal in town. I am part of a dinner swap, so three days a week three of my friends make dinner. The other days I make dinner.

Who drives when you are together? Whoever wants to.

Who is more stubborn? Neither one of us is very stubborn. We are both pretty easy-going. If I had to answer I guess I would say I am.

Who kissed who first? Kevin kissed me

Who asked who out? Hard to tell. It was a long-distance relationship.

Who proposed? Kevin did. It was very sweet and romantic...under the stars at the lake. Kevin was so nervous I could hear his heart pounding. He picked out the ring all by himself and it was absolutely perfect! It was a perfect night.

Who is more sensitive? That's hard to say. Again, we are sensitive about different things. I was pleasantly surprised at how sensitive Kevin was when we married. Every girl's dream.

Who has more friends? Me...but just because we live in AZ. If we lived in UT he'd have more.

Who has more siblings? I do.

Who wears the pants in the family? Depends on the day. :) We both share a leg.

I tag Maren, Jill, and Crystal.


Julia M.

You two have an awesome relationship! I love to read about you. I also love the tidbits about the family. Myla's eyes are incredible! I love how kind Cade is to her, too. What a great family you have!

The McMillans

I definately admire the way you two do things. You are such a great example.

Jay and Kerry

How fun! You two are so awesome! I'm glad that you have a pretty even split...I think it's the healthiest!


What adorable children you have. I'm sure the next one will be very, very cute, too.

The McMillans

Oh and I love the new blog page, super cool and super you. Your children are so cute, and so well behaved.


How does the dinner swap work? And I think your kids get their intelligence from you too. And of course Myla's preciousness is all you!!


Hey Girl remember me, Missy! I can't believe I ran into your blog...small world. Love your pics...darling kids. Much to catch up on, drop me a Love ya.