Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Christmas in UT

Christmas night found us in Utah with Kevin's family. Ryan and Aubrey were so kind to put up with us for 5 days. Aiden, Cade, Myla and Oliver were able to play and get to know their cousins again. It was a lot of fun. Thanks Ryan and Aubs! And thanks Ron and Lynn for flying us up! Cade loved flying on the airplane. Myla--not so much. But it was nice to not have to drive for 12+ hours and we were able to spend more time with family.

Here are some Christmas pics with grandparents. We were all very spoiled. Thank you for everything!
Grandma Pat got all the kids matching outfits. We were actually able to get a picture of them all!
Myla and her cute new backpack.
Grandma Pat showing the kids the coloring books she put together for them.
Kevin opening presents from Papa and Grandma McMillan.
Oliver with Papa McMillan
And then came time to play in the snow! The kids L-O-V-E-D it! I wasn't such a good sport. I really don't like being cold. I stood by the window and took pictures. Kevin was a trooper and took the kids out in it, with Aubs and Grandpa to help.
Is she not the most adorable girl in a snowsuit?! I love it!
A handsome little man enjoying the snow.
Cute Aiden showed Cade and Myla the ropes when it came to the snow.
Cade and Aiden took turns pulling Myla around in the wagon.
Again, so cute!

However, all snow experiences aren't wonderful. This is Myla after visiting Gardner's Village where she fell in the snow and got her hands cold. She didn't like that at all.
Cade didn't like getting his hands cold either. But they wouldn't keep their gloves on! What to do?
This is Ryan, Kevin's brother and wonderful host.
And Aubs, beautiful hostess. Thanks for EVERYTHING!
Me and Lynn at a dinner with most of the McMillans there. It was a lot of fun.

We had such a great time. I wish I could post all the pictures but I took 160 of them, so I won't bore you all to tears. We wish you all a very blissful new year!


The McMillans

Oh, you are too kind, we miss you already. I had more fun than the kids I think. Thank you for having such a great time, and coming to see us, oh and putting up with me.


You sneaky girl. You tell me next time you come to Utah so I can see you in person. Cute pictures.

Julia M.

What darling pictures! It looks like you had an incredible Christmas--both places. I still can't get over the kids just in T-shirts on Christmas day in AZ! How fun! P.S. How did you like the Twilight series?

Jay and Kerry

It was fun to get to spend some time with you! Hope to see you soon!

Blinzinger Family

I love all the pictures! You kids are adorable. Glad to see you had a wonderful Christmas spent with lots of family.


Looks like fun and COLD!! I would have to say Myla is one cute girl in her snowsuit : )
You got the best of both worlds a Arizona Christmas and a White Christmas all in the same day. I am glad you survived the plane ride with 2 kids your brave. : )

Ron & Lynn McMillan

WE MISS YOU ALREADY !!! See you in a couple of weeks for Legoland or BUST! Great pictures!

Choate Family

Looks like you had a great Christmas!! Your kids are getting so big and of course are so adorable! And you are such a cute prego mama!! Miss you Chris!

The McMillans

Oh, and both of your children are so cute in snow clothes, I had a blast running around with them in winter outfits. Myla is nuts about the snow, I dare say, you may have a skier on your hands.