Friday, March 27, 2009


That's how Cade says mud. He turns into a two syllable word. He does it with a lot of one syllable words, actually. Dad is day-ad. Mom is mo-om. Egg is ay-egg. You get the idea. So the other day the kids played in the muu-uud. They made their own. They toted water from the hose out into the middle of our "yard." Then they toted the mud back and forth to...well, I don't really know where. I think they just like shoveling it into pails, carrying it around, sloshing it all over themselves and each other and me and the side walk and then abandoning the muddy pail for a different toy. I was outside taking pics of my aprons to sell on Etsy (more on that to come in the next few days!) so I took a couple of the muddy kiddos. This is what I mean about sloshing it all over themselves. Her whole front side is drenched.
Cade and Landon fixing the mower. I love this pic. So cute! They all play so well together. We are lucky to have the Picketts right next door.

Braden having some trouble with the Hulk toy. I love that look on his face. Hey, it is the Hulk...of course there's gonna be trouble.Whew! Hulk finally gave in to the power of the Braden.Cade being so proud of his mu-udy hands.


the Picketts

cute pics, Christie, but just so people dont think Landon changed his shirt real quick, Braden is in the blue shirt fighting with the hulk:)


Ok, I fixed it. Sorry!!


Haha SO CUTE!!!!!
Is it weird that I'm almost 16 and still love playing in the mud???

Jill Manning

Those pics are adorable! But really, are their any kids your kids don't play well with? I swear you have the sweetest kids around.

Scotty and Jenna

I can't wait to see your Etsy aprons!

The MacMizzles

Gicky...that's what Ollie says when he has mud on himself. Awww to be a kid again, and to be your KID!! That would be fantastic, you my friend have cute kids.

Jennifer Flake

I guess I haven't looked at your blog in a while...Gavin has gotten so big since the last time I "saw" him!

Your aprons are super cute by the way!!!