Saturday, July 17, 2010

Camping 2010

I haven't been a very good blogger lately. This summer has been busy! Kevin and I have been working a lot more this summer, so it's been crazy. We decided we wanted to get out of town for a weekend so last weekend we went on a campout with my brother and sister and their families. It was so fun! We haven't been camping since Cade was a baby, and it had been too long. We threw this little camping trip together last minute. We went up to Canyon Creek where we used to camp as kids. It was perfect. There weren't a lot of other campers and the weather was great. Here are some pics of the fun:

The McMillans

The Haws's

The Webbs

All the Webb cousins

Playing at the creek


Kevin and Gavin

Gavin on the swing

Cade on the swing

Myla on the swing
I have so many other pictures, but it takes so long to upload these days. Maybe I'll get around to uploading more soon.
I learned a few things this camping trip:
* Pack double the clothes for the kids you think you'll need.
* Don't make your daughter go to the bathroom behind a tree instead of the outhouse in the middle of the night when she has never done it before...even if there is a random bear roaming the woods. She'll inevitably get her pjs totally wet. That is where packing double the clothes for the kids comes in.
* I really don't like sleeping in a sleeping bag. Claustrophic feeling. I do really like sleeping on top of one though.
* A little rain is heavenly. A lot of rain, combined with windshield wipers that bust in the middle of the storm while driving down the winding highway, can be almost disastrous.
* Just when you think you can't get any dirtier, you can.
* Just when you think you can't have more fun, you can.
* Just when you think you can't love your family any more, you can.
* Just when you think you can't be attacked by any more gigantic beatles while trying to play games at night, you so can!
* Just when you think you can't possibly laugh any more, you can.


Jared and Nicole Haws Family

Awe, I love the way you journal things Chris! We had SO much fun!


I love your camping advice, we have a trip planned soon and I will keep the double clothes and lots of fun in mind! :)

Julia M.

I love your attitude! We missed you in St. George, though! What a beautiful family you have.


That was sweet! We had the best time!! I love those pics. I might be stealing some. : ) Thanks


HOLY SMOKES! This is my kind of adventure. I hate family outings without a little turbulence (if you will) they are so BOREING. That is the beauty of camping really...all the little detours in daily life make for real bonding time as a family!

LOVE YOU! What lucky parents you have, look at all those grand babies. :)


Okay, we were SO bummed we didn't get to see you in St. George--that was going to be the highlight for us! Alack, we will have to wait until Sept. Still, we are SUPER excited to see you at Jay's wedding. I can't believe how grown up everyone is getting! Myla is four?? Where does the time go? All your kiddos are so cute!