Thursday, July 29, 2010

Back to School $25 Kroger Giftcard Giveaway

Can you believe it's that time already?? Around here, we have less than two weeks before school is in session. My oldest is starting kindergarten and I've got a huge case of the school jitters...and I'm not even the one starting school! Anyway, we've been doing some back to school shopping here and there. I've found that history definitely repeats itself. Cade, faced with a zillion cool backpacks to choose from, chooses a Super Mario Brothers backpack. He's all about Mario these days. He even told me he will name one of his ten (yes, TEN) kids Mario. I have to giggle.

I digress...

Coming up on August 8th through August 21st, Kroger stores (Fry's around here) will be having an "Add Up the Savings" Event where you can stock up on all your favorite General Mills and Kimberly Clark items. (If you're anything like me, you need to know that those items include brands like: Cheerios, Huggies, Yoplait Yogurt, Pillsbury cookies and biscuits, Kleenex, Betty Crocker brownies, Cottonelle and Lucky Charms.) When you buy 8 of the participating items you'll receive $4 off. All you couponers, get your coupons ready!

On top of that, be sure to take advantage of the special Bonus Box Tops offer. All you have to do, if you haven't already, is sign up at Once you register, you automatically get 5 bonus box tops. You will also receive custom offers for box tops for buying participating items. These offers are:

* Buy any 4 Box Tops items and get 10 Bonus Box Tops
* Buy any 8 Box Tops items and get 25 Bonus Box Tops

The offers you select are loaded directly onto your Kroger Shopping Card to be redeemed once you purchase the item. They go directly to the school of your choice, so you don't have to clip and save anything. I like that feature because I can't pretty much assure you they would never get to the school.

Okay, still with me? Now is the fun part: the $25 Kroger gift card giveaway! To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment. Any old comment. Need ideas? How are you feeling about school starting? Happy? Sad? A little of both? What do you do to prepare? How do you deal with the Mommy school jitters? What do you do with all your "free time" once the kids are in school? (Funny, huh? I've gotten that question a few times.)

You have until Thursday, August 5th, 11:59pm to enter. Good luck! I look forward to checking out all the back to school blogging that will take place. :)

** General Mills, Kimberly Clark and Kroger Foods provided the giveaway gift card through MyBlogSpark.


Jessie Lewis

My husband starts school next month. Does that count? We have yet to pick out his backpack, but I'm going to guess he'll go with...Harry Potter.


I don't have kids yet. I am going to order a free backpack from Office Max for me. They are great for traveling. :)


This would be a great promo to collect Box top for our school!


I'm feeling a little nervous about my kids starting school, especially my 5 year old going into kindergarten.

mami2jcn at gmail dot com


August 5th is my anniversary! Kroger is one of my favorite grocery stores! Thank you!


No kids in school yet. However,I'm looking forward to do joy school with my dd.


I love back to school shopping. Even though my only student is 3 years old, it's fun to pick out a few new t-shirts and a new pair of tennis shoes. I cried the day I put him on the bus last year, so I imagine it will be the same again this time around.


We are already in the back to school routine, What helps me the most to get them to school on time is, have every laid out the night before, clothes, shoes, underwear (yes I said underwear : ) ) Backpacks by the front door and lunch boxes on the counter. It has helped a ton. I also sometimes when I buy kids snacks (like pretzels, cheeze its, fishies etc..) Right after I buy them I pacakge them in the little snack baggies for an easy grab every morning for lunches : ) That is sooo exciting about Cade and this year I will totally miss Myla! For reals!


I am ready for my kiddo's to go back to school but they are a tad older and not as easy to entertain any longer. My oldest graduates this year, my middle will be a freshman and my youngest is in Jr. High. I never look forward to back to school shopping as it seems to creep up on me! So I have about 3wks to get everything done....Now to find the time to do it. :o)


"Free time"...I am unfamiliar with this phrase. Could you clue me in to what it is??? :)


I love shopping at Kroger and share my box tops with families who have school-age children. *Thanks* for the giveaway!


So far I haven't have to deal with the Mommy school jitters my son hasn't started going to school but I can already tell you it's gonna be pretty hard on me to let him go.

Julia M.

I am not very excited for school to start because that means I work 2 days a week and Mr. Finn will be with a sitter. I've thoroughly enjoyed being home with him all summer. It's going to be hard to leave him!

Jared and Nicole Haws Family

School starts today for us! I'm a teacher, all the kids are in school and my hubby starts his Master's program tomorrow. School, school, school is the buzz word around our house! You never stop learning


A Harry Potter backpack is much more macho than the Care Bears one I picked out.

Farrah Nelson

So excited for my little man to start school, He didn't have a choice on the backpack, got it last year for $1.25 clearance but Wolverine is cool in my book! School supplies were bought last year when they were 75% off so we have been prepared for a long time!