Thursday, April 15, 2010

Simplify Your Life giveaway of the best creations invented for the modern mom. I love that I can throw a few frozen GoGurts in my diaper bag and pass them out to the kids on the run. Yoplait, through MyBlogSpark, sent a free coupon to try out their latest product, Simply...GoGurt. Simply...GoGurt is made from simple ingredients and doesn't have all the added stuff we don't like, like high fructose corn syrup or artificial flavors or colors. We tried it out this morning and I got the official thumbs up from Cade and Myla. They are all about yogurt. We go through it pretty quickly around here.

The great thing is that Yoplait has provided a link for 30 readers to get a coupon to try Simply...GoGurt for free. So if you are one of the first 30 people to click on the Free Yogurt tab below you'll get a coupon for a free package. After the 3o coupons are shared there will be a new link for $1.10 off coupon.

Yoplait, through MyBlogSpark, sent this great "Simplify Your Life" prize pack that includes a pocket Etch-a-Sketch, backseat organizer and and pretty little weekly organizer. They have also provided one to give away to you!

To enter the giveaway, leave a comment sharing some wholesome snacking tips for the kids. Giveaway closes Thursday, April 22nd at 11:59pm.



I heart gogurts! They are gluten free and one of the few healthy snacks my kids devour.

One of the few tricks I have up my sleeve for healthy snacking is dipping. If I set out dips to go with fruits/veggies, they are much more inclined to play with their food and eat it! We play with food a lot to help Ty with his sensory issues. So get out a muffin tin and fill the holes with ranch, peanut butter, ketchup, bbq sauce, melted cheese, etc and let the kids experiment!


Healthy snacking...what's that? Umm, my kids love apples, so we slice them up for snacks a lot.


I let my kids pick out the vegetables and fruits and let them prepare them. They have so much fun! learning to handle money and make great snacks!


string cheese, yogurt, mandarin oranges, strawberries, raisins.... some of the more healthy snacks we eat!

karin56381 (at)

Jessie Lewis

I just discovered this one tonight. Maddie (my nearly two year old) likes carrots but can't really bite the big old things yet. So she ends up gnawing on them and after a while just sets it aside. So here's my tip. Shredded carrots! She grabbed a handful and stuffed it in her mouth. Also, the reason I had shredded carrots was to put in with my white rice. Four shredded carrots in 1.5 cups of rice. Perfect!

Jill Manning

We love apple slices in our house. And I don't know if this would be considered healthy but we love yogurt covered raisins too. Yummers!!! I love Rachel's idea though.


My kids love apples and peanut butter.. Yummy. We also love to make our own lunchables. Cheese, crackers, meat.


I have to laugh that the last few times I've checked your blog there has been a giveaway! Please don't think I only comment when there is something free to be had. :) I have a rule about only checking two blogs a day so that I can keep myself in check. Anyway, my healthy tip would be to use the "Sneaky Chef" purees to make normal foods healthier. I put an orange puree of carrots and yams in French toast batter and it is DIVINE...


Here is my favorite snack for kids: Sliced apples, a gogurt, and string cheese.

Jared and Nicole Haws Family

Grapes, Strawberries and Carrots are the best! It's super easy to rinse and throw them in a ziplock and into the purse. They are nutritious and the kids love them. Through our endless trips looking at homes it's become habit now to just have a bag of one of these snacks, saved me many times!