Wednesday, April 7, 2010

School Pictures I'm Happy About!

At the beginning of the school year Cade came home with an order form for school pictures. I was floored at the prices for one pose of not-so-great pictures. I was so excited when I learned that Jenna Jameson was offering Better School Pictures for a fantastic price. She was scheduled to take pictures of Myla's preschool class, so I arranged for her to take Cade and Gavin's pictures too. I'm so glad it worked out! Check some of them out:

Myla's preschool class

And I just had to include a picture of the cute way she packaged the CD. Such a sweet personal touch!



I know what you mean about the pictures. Sometimes I pay the extra money just so I don't have to deal with taking everybody somewhere to have them done. But yours turned out great.

Jessie Lewis

So adorable. I want to do pictures for Maddie's 2nd bday, but we'll see. I'm glad you finally got some pics of Gavin; poor kid ;)


I'm so glad you like them! It was really nice to see Cade open up a little, and I just LOVE that picture of Myla. Her cute dress, that sweet smile. And I'm SO glad we got a smile outta your cute Gavin. Bribery is a wonderful thing :) I had a hard time choosing so I may just post a few more on the blog. Holler at me if you're interested in any of them!

Jared and Nicole Haws Family

Wow, I love them! She's an awesome photographer!


So super cute!! I know what you mean about school pics. : ) I love her idea of taking better school pics. They turned out great! I loved the packaging too! Super fun, creative girl!

Jill Manning

Oh my gosh, that one one of Cade standing with his arms folded...I am going to hang that over Elsie's crib and bed to remind her that she needs to marry that kid after their missions. What a cute picture of him. And I adore the one of Gavin with his hands in his pockets and the one of Myla sitting all lady-like on the ground. She did a fantastic job (as usual) and your kids, I'm sure, made great subjects!!!


I think the magic is the children in the photos...:)